Sunday, February 4, 2007

Hate the Vikings

It was last night as I enjoyed a bottle of 1998 CH La Couspade (great balance with a sweet collection of dark fruits like boysenberry, blackberries, and currant up front. Drinking very well and probably at it's peak right now.) that I noticed with great despair I had missed an opportunity to bet against the sorry ass Cleveland State Vikings at home against UW-Milwaukee. What could be more depressing than being stuck inside your house while arctic winds lowered the temperature to -17 wind chill knowing that only a few miles away one of the worst college sports teams in the nation was flailing away on the court in a 2 point spead game? Life can be cruel to those that don't pay attention to detail, and this was an example. The Plain Dealer sports page referred to Cleveland State's performance as "listless" as they were blown out last night. Hey, am I missing something? What could those guys have had going on last night in zero degree weather and 30 mph winds except that game? Everything in a five block radius from their campus in either closed on the weekend or vacant. Were those guys bummed out they had to play a game as opposed to hanging out at The Rascal House? What a bunch of stiffs.

Even by casual observation, anyone can tell that that there's as much "team spirit" at Cleveland State as in your average corporate team building exercise. Cleveland State basketball is a collection of guys that were pretty good high school ball players that ran out of options, and woke up in a dorm room on 18th and Euclid Ave. Even the guys from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee have been overheard commenting during shoot around at the Wolstein Center "Man, this place depresses me. Let's get a win, and get back to Milwaukee.". Let us all make a pact to remind each other when Cleveland State plays, and take a close look at the number, shall we?


At February 8, 2007 at 11:02:00 PM EST , Blogger Greg Miller said...

I'd like to thank the Vikings for not showing up against Butler and allowing them to win by 42 on an 11 point spread. As I write this I am currently giddy over the money I won!!! It's almost enough to cover that Super Bowl over bet that went horribly wrong...


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