Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nurse the Hate: NFL Week 7, 2014

I was on quite a roll there with the NFL.  Oh, I had all the answers.  But those days are over.  I am back to floundering out there in the wilderness like all the other lost souls.  It happened so quickly.  One moment I was laughing it up at a Belgian Beer event in a stupid elf cap watching winners fall to me like fluttering leaves.  Then, just a week later I find myself nursing a sore jaw from a dental procedure, hobbling around in a walking boot with Achilles tendonitis, and with the definite scent of “loser” all over me.  I am like one of those guys you see at a casino checking for change in the slot machines.  Unshaven.  Smelling of stale cigarette smoke.  Sipping the last inch of draft beer from a plastic cup.  Eyes darting around looking for a wounded animal to pounce on and get back in The Game.

I think I have found that wounded animal.  As I gaze upon the shady casino of life, I notice a drunken tourist with a handful of chips weaving across the hideous carpet.  His goal is the hard plastic bench by the men’s room where he hopes to clear his head and rest, but where he will pass out.  The chips will fall from his relaxed hand to be gathered by the first cheetah to wander by the plain.  Yes, there is a time to prosper from others misfortune, and this week’s misfortune will fall on the San Diego Chargers.

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming in this week after a bye.  This is not really that noteworthy to the players as they probably spent the off week driving around Kansas City noting how Caucasian and dull the inhabitants of Kansas City are and wishing they played for a team in a more cosmopolitan part of the country.  Something you don’t hear much in NFL locker rooms:  “I can’t wait for the bye week so we can go party in Kansas City.”.  The only reason I bring up this bye week is that KC coach Andy Reid is 13-2 after a bye week.  If given an extra week to prepare, that hefty fella will figure out a way to win.  What the hell else is he going to do?  He's in Kansas City with a week off.  In all candor, I think I went with this logic last year when he was 13-1 after a bye and lost my ass, but I’m going to the well again.  I’m taking Kansas City +3.5 over San Diego.

A way to beat a losing streak would not appear to be betting against Peyton Manning and the Broncos at home, but that’s what I am doing.  I haven’t checked the stats too closely, but I am under the impression that the Broncos haven’t ever lost at home.  Ever.  I think there were a couple fuzzy years when Brian Griese was the QB there, but that might have been some horrible memory implanted into me when I had that oral surgery.  I looked on the world wide interwebs, and I wasn’t able to find any photos of this.  I am going with my memory alone which tells me that the Broncos were unbeatable at home with John Elway, who then handed the keys to the franchise to Peyton Manning, who will then hand it over to a now groomed Andrew Luck in some sort of ceremony where dudes in robes are chanting and a virgin is sacrificed at a pot dispensary near the stadium. 

I will not let this 47-year Denver home winning streak deter me.  I am on San Francisco +7.  Since 2011 the 49ers have the best road record in the NFL.  True, they get to beat the crap out of generally lousy Arizona and St. Louis every year, but they must have beaten a good team now and again, right?  Right?  These guys are 11-2 ATS on the road in their last 13.  I think it has something to do with how insane Harbaugh gets and the team is driven so crazy they take it out on their opponents, but that’s just a theory.  San Francisco +7 in what is clearly a big mistake.  

To prove what a loser I have become, I am considering not only taking Miami +3 at Chicago, but maybe on the money line.  Sure, they broke my heart last week with that push they gave up to Green Bay at the bitter end.  Yes, I cannot identify more than two players on the team even after watching a full half of their game last week.  This is another one of those games where I am betting AGAINST Chicago more so than betting WITH Miami.  Chicago is 1-10-1 at home against the spread, the worst mark in the NFL.  This is because Vegas knows damn well that the hordes of dumb fuck Bears fans love betting on their team, especially at home.  After a week of sports talk chatter about how Jay Cutler is really a good QB and how he is “maturing”, they will all have their hearts broken when Cutler has a backbreaking turnover late in the 4th quarter.  Cutler is 11-27 as a home favorite in his career, and someone told me he was the QB in Denver at one time (another fact that I cannot prove as this would clearly suggest that the Broncos 47 year home winning streak I pointed to earlier was totally fabricated).  By Wednesday the poor residents of Chicago will convince themselves that all is well with the Bears, and the process will repeat itself.  Oh, one more thing…  Two thirds of the public is on Chicago…  Miami +3.

Season record:  10-7-1

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nurse the Hate: Hate Ebola

I am not sure if you have heard anything about this Ebola thing.  The American media is in complete Fear Machine mode right now, stoking images of bodies stacked like cord wood with smoking piles of corpses in government sanctioned “purification pits” on the edge of town.  All great news stories in this century are about creating fear, and this one is a doozy.  Just when you think that Isis is coming to your house to behead you, now you discover that some crazy ass African monkey virus will get you first. 

I really want to rest easily and think, “Oh, those smart scientists and doctors will take care of this.” and then I can get down to the business of gambling on football and listening to my Sturgill Simpson records.  However, I will be damned if the Fear Machine hasn’t gotten me too. The Fear Machine likes to focus on “a horrible death while bleeding out of your anus and eyes… What it means to YOUR WEEKEND… Coming up after the break!”.  However, it’s the between the lines things that get me.  When you wash away the concept that everyone that works in a hospital is a caring, job focused, intelligent problem solver is when things get scary.

I have spent my fair share of time in area hospitals while caring for senior citizens and checking in with friends.  The one thing that I have taken away is that hospitals are very much like every place I have ever worked.  If you look around your place of employment I will guarantee you that a mere 20% of the people employed there know what they are doing and are blessed with common sense.  You cannot tell me that a hospital is any different.  There are some real “lowest common denominator” individuals mixed in with the actual caregivers.  I’m not trying to be an asshole here.  I’m being brutally honest.  I think we can agree that not everyone that ends up in medical support roles does so out of virtue.  There are an unhealthy number of people in those roles that I know that got there after partying their way through high school, their early twenties, and realized that they might want to make more than minimum wage.  “I was gonna be a hair stylist, but then Judy told me that she is making like really good money as a (fill in name of tech position here).  We’re going to totally get an apartment together too.  OMG!  Where did you get those ear rings?”

That’s who is handling key elements of that blood test of yours or that MRI.  Rest easy. 

So, let me get this right…  A guy shows up at a Dallas hospital.  He tells them he feels really shitty and he just got back from Liberia.  Meanwhile, every respected news source on the planet has been saying non-stop “if you see anyone from Liberia that is even remotely sick, they probably have Ebola, and that is really, really, really bad.”.  The Dallas hospital, despite all of the worldwide panic, says “Hey man.  You probably have the flu.  You should go home.  Call us if you get really sick.”  I like to think this was a group decision based on his insurance status, or maybe someone blindly following policy despite this situation screaming out “SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES!!!”. 

The man returns in an ambulance, so I think it is safe to say that he is really fucked up by this point.  They hastily set up care; expose a bunch of people in the process, and then one of the nurses comes up sick.  At this point one of her co-workers thinks to herself, “Wow, that is a drag that my co-worker got Ebola from that fucked up African guy we were both caring for together.  Maybe our protection wasn’t up to par.  Hmm…  I don’t feel very good.  Maybe I should quarantine myself like they said we should do in training.  Ha, fuck that!  I need to get on a commercial airliner so I can go plan my wedding.  I mean, what’s more important?  Stopping the spread of a potential epidemic that could kill millions, or choosing the DJ for my wedding?  When does my flight leave?  Cough!”

Only a young woman planning a wedding could be so self involved as to not care about anything else.  Personally I am trying to “friend her” on The Facebook so I can get updates like “Just shit myself.  I need to clean up before the caterer gets here with the wedding cake samples!  68 days until I marry my best friend!” or “This blood coming from my ears is the exact shade of the bridesmaids shoes!  Lol!  66 days until The Big Day!”.   It is really all about her special day.

What’s the chance of her coughing on someone with the sheer amount of space Frontier Airlines provides in coach? I mean, there must be a good two and a half inches between seats.  The good news is that Frontier Airlines cleaned up the plane after the bride-to-be infected a bunch of sad sack passengers.  If there is one thing you can be sure of, it’s that the airline clean up crew was 100% trained and outfitted properly.  Have you ever been aware of an airlines service person to cut corners?  Who wouldn’t be excited to have hopped on that plane on the next flight, which of course went to yet another city to help spread this disease around the country.  Once again, I would like to stress that from all reports, the bride-to-be did come to a decision on either chicken or beef for her reception entrée, so not all was lost.  It’s a fair trade.

I’m also not exactly filled with confidence with the CDC.  Maybe it is because they are scientists and are being forced to talk in sound bytes for TV.  For example, in science they never want to say something is “impossible”.  So when some fella from the CDC that has almost no media experience goes on TV and says “it is a very small chance that the Ebola virus was transmitted on that plane”, he thinks he is saying “Based on extensive research, there’s no way that happened”.  Then the news people react and say, “The CDC would not rule out that the Ebola virus has been delivered via air to most major US cities.”  When the CDC guys comes on to refute those charges, he then inevitably lets something else slip along the lines of “we don’t really know for sure” that fills the air with more uncertainty.

I don’t know how this thing will shake out.  I know for sure I am not going to eat any raw monkey meat or allow any bats to shit on me.  I am also not going to that Dallas hospital for any treatment if I start feeling sick.  I just hope I can hold on until that girl’s wedding.  If I can wedge myself in her life via The Facebook, I’m going to the reception.  Oh, and I’m getting the chicken.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nurse the Hate: 2014 NFL Week 6

I have always disliked Florida, Miami in particular.  I have a theory that just like a carton of orange juice, the sediment in the United States all comes to rest at the bottom, in this case Miami.  Every two bit hustler and con artist in this country eventually ends up in Miami after having to flee whatever place where they committed their crimes.  The entire city reminds me of a terrible nightclub.  The food is always lousy.  The music is horrible.  At any moment somebody is preparing to rip you off.  It is this probably unfounded feeling I have for the city that makes it difficult to bet on the Miami Dolphins.

I had been under the impression that Miami had shut down their football team as I cannot recall actually seeing a Dolphins game since the late 1980s.  I did some research and discovered that they still have a team down there, and it is coached by soon-to-be-fired Joe Philbin.  This does not really fill me with confidence when taking Miami+3 over Green Bay.  Joe Philbin would probably be a good fit as a high school coach in Minnesota where he would spend a lot of time talking about "doing things the right way" and "our culture".  This is not a good fit with a group of savages that play the most violent game on the planet for money.  I think the Dolphins have a receiver on the injury list for an "optical sprain" from rolling his eyes too much while listening to Philbin.  I am going to forget all that and note that Miami has covered 7 of the last 8 as a home underdog.  On top of that, today it's going to be 85 degrees with 70% humidity where Green Bay rolls in for a nice toasty 1p kickoff.  Those Green Bay guys were carving pumpkins and raking leaves.  Now they have to play football in a steam room.  Miami +3.

I am taking San Diego -7.5 against Oakland today.  The key factor in this game is that Oakland is really fucking horrible.  There isn't any other way to delicately say it.  The Raiders have lost ten in a row.  They don't do anything well.  Whenever I see a Raiders game I always feel like they are totally disorganized, like they just threw the team together a half hour before kickoff.  "Dude, can I be quarterback?  It's my ball, so I should be quarterback."  Meanwhile San Diego is 10-1 in their last last 11 against the spread.  The Chargers are very quietly playing very good football, and I will be stunned if they don't destroy Oakland.  Show me your Thunderbolt!  

Against my better judgement, I am going to take the Giants +3 today.  I know in the back of my mind that they are due to come back to earth after winning their last three.  I know this.  There will be some awful highlight clips of Eli Manning looking sheepish after throwing a pick 6 running non-stop on ESPN Monday morning.  However, they have covered 13 of their last 16 as underdogs.  Meanwhile Philadelphia is terrible at home where they have only covered 8 of their last 31 as favorites.  I am sort of tiring of the "Chip Kelly is smarter than everyone else" story line, so that will at least make me feel good as I place this doomed wager.  Giants +3.

Season Record:  10-5

Friday, October 10, 2014

Nurse the Hate: Hate The Guilt

Guilt is a difficult emotion.  It is a consistent tug on your sleeve.  It is the muscle tension in your neck.  It is like a gloomy Monday morning.  A Catholic upbringing practically guarantees a lifetime of guilt and regret.  From my earliest years I had drilled into me from authority figures that if I found pleasure or joy in something, I must immediately become more pious to avoid an inevitable tumble into eternal damnation.  That’s a lot to drop onto a kid with a bad haircut and dirty shoes.  “You mean if I pick out all the marshmallows in that box of Lucky Charms, I am going to have a red hot wire coat hanger shoved up my penis hole by a scary looking demon forever?  Well, that seems a bit extreme, but you’re the Nun so you must know…”

There was no greater guilt than avoiding responsibility.  This is what is troubling me now.  I am feeling a crippling guilt that I have abandoned someone in need.  Making matters worse, there is no logical reason to feel this way.  Even as I prepare to type out this confession, I recognize the complete foolishness in my feelings.  Yet, I cannot ignore the emotion.  It is there.  I am hoping to unburden myself to you, the reader, and gain some sort of release from this shackle of guilt.  Let me begin…

A number of weeks ago Leo told the rest of us he was going to buy an old MG.  He found it like he finds almost all major purchases, he stumbled into a shoddy homemade sign as he drove down the street.  While most of America enters into a car purchase with careful consideration and lengthy information searches on the web, Leo drove by and decided “I will buy that.” Much as you or I would buy a bag of chips.  It is why the wild flapping arm inflatable is such a devastatingly effective marketing tool against Leo.  “Hey Lee!  Look over here!  It’s me, your friend here to tell you about a great cell phone deal!  Don’t read the contract!  Just sign the contract!  Only $68 a month FOREVER!!!”   The wild wacky flapping arm man will never steer you wrong Leo…

We were all skeptical at this car purchase decision.  Leo has a long and very well documented history of not taking care of anything he owns.  I could tell you the sad tale of the previous MG, towed away in disgrace one weekend afternoon a few years back.  There was the final doomed voyage of his shitty boat, the S.S. Snickers, which was finally left to rot away in his driveway as the seasons changed.  He owned a broken motorcycle that may have never run, even when fresh off the factory assembly line.  There was “the People’s Porsche” that did not run, and then finally sold for pennies on the dollar to a stranger on the phone.  When the buyer arrived, he opened the hood, wiggled a few wires, and drove off in the car that had not run for Leo past the day he purchased it.  In summation, there is no doubt on the final end of any recreation vehicle that enters Leo’s Doomed Driveway.

Of course, he bought the MG in a complicated transaction that involves him putting in a floor in the seller’s house and probably some other tasks to which he has only a basic understanding.  “Leo?  Are you sure there are supposed to be sparks coming out of the hot water tank?”  Translation?  It was his kind of deal.  We arrived for practice one night and he proudly proclaimed his ownership of the MG.  I think it’s from the late 60s, a rare hard top.  It really is an interesting car.  It is in decent shape, but needs some cosmetic work along the lines of some trim, work on a quarter panel, etc.  We all did that move that guys do while looking at a car by standing back at it and leaning our heads back as if that angle would allow greater perspective.  While not breaking eye contact from the car, Gary asked, “Does it run?”.  Leo was quick to reply, “Dude!  It totally runs!  All I need is a new battery and..” 

Leo appears to be oblivious to the fact that for a car “to run”, it would signify that the owner would hop into the vehicle, turn the key, and roar off down the road confidently.  A car that “runs” does not require to be determined number of visits to an auto parts store prior to driving down the highway.  But let’s leave that alone for a moment.  I cannot explain why, but I felt protective of that car, like it was a person.  I think it was because my earliest memories of cars as a child were of being beaten down by the wind as a passenger in my father’s MG Sprite.  To give insight on how much has changed in our litigation fueled fear dominated America, I must have been 3 or 4 with no car seat in sight whipping down the highway wedged into whatever area is available behind the seats of that car.  The 1970s were a Golden Age.  No car seat, yet here I stand to tell the tale.

I circled the MG.  I thought to myself, “This poor thing has spent 40+ years proudly doing its work.  How unfair to befall a fate like this… A long slow deterioration sitting exposed to the elements in this driveway.  These little fixes could be made.  This car could be stored under a tarp, and then allowed to spread its wings on days of glorious sunshine.  It needs care.  It needs a watchful eye.”  I felt a sense of alarm at what I knew would happen to this proud car.  Despite whatever empty promises made by Leo to “get that part” or “fix the side”, I knew nothing would happen.  It was like rolling a patient into hospice and cutting off their hydration, allowing them to die slowly as onlookers noted the unavoidable cruel end.

As I walked down the driveway, I said to Leo “You can’t leave it out like this.  It will rot out from underneath.  You are at least putting it into the garage right?”  Oh yeah… yeah…  His garage, currently filled with abandoned home repair projects and scraps from various jobs, would need to be organized.  I knew it would never happen.  Ever.  Like the rolled up carpet from our practice space, it would remain in stasis for the forseeable future.  I turned to look back at the car once again, worried for it.  I felt like I was leaving a six year old child alone at Bonnaroo. 

It is ridiculous to project these types of feelings on an automobile.  I recognize that in reality it is no different than throwing away a can of tuna or a lamp.  It is a thing.  He could have just as easily stacked aluminum siding in his driveway (which would also be as effective in transporting him as that car ever will be).  I don’t know if it is some unresolved feelings I have somehow tied into my father or my childhood.  If I leave that car to die in Leo’s driveway, is it if I have left my childhood to die?  Is it like leaving my infirmed father out in the rain?  Is this the guilt?  How can I allow myself to be free of the responsibility of the death of that car?

Now two months later, the car sits untouched.  The garage door is closed, no movement of the various garbage inside the potential car storage area.  Winter is approaching, in more ways than one.  I think I need to recognize that when that car was sent off to Leo’s house, it was already marked for death.  When the previous owner made that deal, the die had been cast.  He was the one that sent the MG to the dungeon.  The best I can do is hope it dies a quick death, sold off for scrap for a soon-to-be-broken drill or erratic washing machine. 

When I go over to practice, I can’t even look in the driveway.  I stare straight ahead to the porch, festooned with an old entertainment center with a handwritten “For Sale” sign, weeds growing around the foundation of the home.  The key is to get inside quickly, avoiding glancing down the length of the house and see the fading paint of the MG.  Just think of something else.  Anything else.    

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Nurse the Hate: Hate the 2014 NFL Week 5

I have always enjoyed visiting Chicago.  My mother grew up there, which led to frequent visits to see my grandparents.  Once there, the game of “what are we going to do with the kids?” kicked in, so I went to every museum and attraction in the city.  I have especially fond childhood memories of staring at the stuffed mammoth in the Natural History Museum.  I would have had no idea at the time that years later while driving through on tour with The Cowslingers Bobby Latina would ask the rest of us, “Were mammoths around in the time of Jesus?”.  Excuse me?  After we wrapped our minds around this concept, we then filled Bobby in that not only were mammoths prevalent in Biblical times, but also the Three Wise Men actually rode mammoths on their way to deliver frankincense and myrrh to Baby Jesus.  It just wasn’t well publicized.  Look it up.

I usually go to Chicago in the Fall, early enough that Bears fans have deluded themselves into believing that they are going to win the Super Bowl and have a big victory parade in February.  This usually goes horribly wrong by November when it becomes obvious to even Bears fans that they are not as good as Green Bay, and maybe not even the Lions.  They got a head start this year by going 0-2 at home, and appear ready to turn on the QB, coaching staff, and maybe even the corpse of George Halas. I am not going to be so quick to turn on the Bears though. This week they go to Carolina, who is also 2-2, but let’s discuss them for a second.  

Carolina inched by Tampa in week 1, beat the always horrible road Lions, and then got blown out by Pittsburgh and Baltimore.  The gambling community has believed since the pre season that Carolina was a crappy team masquerading as a legit team, and I think that is the case.  The problem is that since they are 2-2 and in Carolina, the public spends as much time thinking about them as they do Canadian voter registration and Hong Kong democracy protests.  Meanwhile the Bears in media heavy Chicago go through a “Sky Is Falling” crisis weekly.  These are two teams going in opposite directions.  I absolutely love Chicago +2.5 this week.  Carolina blows.

I am going to bank on public overreaction to the Redskins getting totally destroyed by the Giants on national TV last Thursday.  Kirk Cousins looked suspiciously like Kirk Cousins in the loss throwing what I recall were 17 interceptions by the third quarter alone.  That led to three days of talking about how the Giants are “back” and the Redskins need to close up shop.  I read somewhere that when NFL teams lose by more than 30, the following week they cover 60% of the time.  This scenario is perfect as Seattle is rolling into town having been all but crowned the champion of 2015 already.  The Seahawks are just not the same team on the road.  Washington might be mediocre, but they aren’t the 1999 Browns.  Yep, I’m doing it.  Washington +7.5.

I have been living life on the razor’s edge lately.  I went night scuba diving.  I drove my car 146 mph down a state highway.  I went skydiving.  That is all child’s play compared to what I am about to do.  Behold!  Gaze your naked eyes upon a true daredevil!  I am taking the Buffalo Bills +7.  I will give you a moment to catch your breath…  Let me walk you through this.  My thought is that I am not so much betting ON the Bills but AGAINST the Lions.  This should immediately set your mind at ease as anyone with even a casual interest in the NFL knows that the Detroit Lions always stand at the ready to crush the hopes and dreams of their fan base, especially at the precipice of a “sure win” game like this.  Detroit is unable to sustain success.  It’s what they do.  They have only covered 5 of 19 after a win. I’m not positive who the Bills are starting this week at QB.  It might be Gary Marangi (old school shout out to you Bills fans).  Who cares?  We are betting AGAINST the Lions.  Buffalo +7.

Season Record:  9-3

Friday, October 3, 2014

Nurse the Hate: Pumpkin Beers 3

As it is October and there is a shocking amount of pumpkin beers on the shelves, this seemed timely.  It is important not to get stuck with an awful six pack of something just because the packaging was cool.   We all have those few holiday beers lurking in the back of the fridge that we hope an unsuspecting guest will grab.  I have once again forged ahead with finding as many untried pumpkin beers as possible and paired them with some of the previous years favorites to create a buying guide that has no real authority whatsoever.  Please remember that these were all done in one sitting, so the judgements on them were made in comparison to the group and whatever my mood was that day.  I stand by some of this, but I won't admit to what part...

Crooked River Erie Nights-  There might be pumpkin in here.  I can’t confirm or deny it.  That is mostly because of the overwhelming cinnamon.  This should be labeled “Cinnamon Juice”, but I do not think that is allowed by law, as I am not aware of anyone that juices a cinnamon fruit or milks the cinnamon out of an animal.  While this beer wasn’t very good, I do think it provides a really good song title for the Red Hot Chili Peppers next single, “Milk My Cinnamon”.

Magic Hat Wilhelm Scream-  Everyone around the table remarked about how “subtle” this was, which I think was code for “bland”.  You know when you go out to eat at a restaurant for senior citizens and no matter what the entrée is it still tastes like everything else?  For example, I have been trying to get proof for years that Bob Evans actually serves the exact same stuff molded into different shapes dependant on the order.  It’s just this vat of “protein matter” which is scooped out onto the plate.  It’s like Play-Do that you eat.  This would be the beer equivalent.  It’s not bad per se, but there isn’t much to get excited about.  It’s certainly not as exciting as the screaming pumpkin on the label.

Tommyknocker Small Batch Pumpkin-  This beer has a really weird finish like how your hands smell if you have been rolling change for a half an hour.  I don’t think the “touch of spice” listed on the label was engineered to provide that experience to the drinker.  This is a beer that if you had it served to you at the brewery, you would have to be polite and smile and say things like “this is interesting” or “what a unique flavor profile” before deftly pouring it out into a plant.

Cisco Brewers Pumple Drumkin-  This doesn’t seem like a pumpkin beer.  It’s almost like they re-labeled something else.  “Hey, we gotta move this pale ale out of the warehouse.  Dump a little nutmeg in there and get your girlfriend to design a cute label.  Let’s ship it out as a pumpkin ale!”  This beer was fine.  It just doesn’t really provide that special holiday beer experience that frankly is the entire point.

New Belgium Pumkick-  This is really pumpkin pie-ish but not nearly as rich as several other examples.  With a reasonable alcohol content, this would be a good beer to serve at a Halloween party.  It is very well balanced.  It sort of reminded me of that couple you see that walks into a restaurant with perfect hair and outfits.  You know that their home is absolutely spotless and tastefully decorated.  They might not be the most fun people you ever met, but would be amazing neighbors. I’d drink this again.

Red Hook Out Of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter-  This is a lighter version of Southern Tier’s Warlock.  On first thought, the combination of coffee flavors with pumpkin spice doesn’t sound like a good idea.  It really works though.  It’s like some kind of doom beer with a silver lining like if you saw Black Sabbath play out in 1974 and they closed the set with “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” and then kicked into “The Pina Colada Song” while all grinning from ear to ear.  

Anderson Valley Fall Hornin-  This was a real sleeper.  Rich integrated spice gives in to a rich mouthfeel.  It has a dark brown color, so the expectation is that it will taste like the kind of brown ale annoying British guys name Percy sip away at while calling you “Yank”.  God help you if you call his beloved football “soccer”… Next thing you know he’s getting all worked up and all you wanted to do was have a beer and figure out how to get back to your hotel.  The good news is that this beer isn’t like that.  It’s the complete opposite.  It’s like if you went to a party at a supermodel’s house like Brooklyn Decker and assumed she would serve something awful like quinoa salad but instead whips out a killer Beef Wellington and a six of this.

Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin-  This was a favorite last year so I was interested to see how it would hold up with a different group of beers around it.  It’s a 9% alcohol monster and it definitely smells and tastes really boozy.  This is a really decadent beer that should be approached with great caution.  Imagine that you were hanging out in a bar and then your high school English teacher you had a really unhealthy fascination with walks up to you totally wasted and plants one on you.  The next thing you know you wake up in the morning at her shabby apartment with her Siamese cat staring at you.  You are really ashamed at how everything went down.  “Hey… ah…  I don’t really remember last night that well, but you aren’t going to tell anyone about me wanting you to put a diaper on me, right?  Did you see my pacifier?”  She just half smiles at you as you realize that you are still in the now soiled diaper.

Southern Tier Pumking-  This friendly liquid slice of pumpkin pie is still the king in my book.  I am starting to feel that hipster blowback on this, like when a really good band you loved that you felt was your personal secret got really popular.  “Yeah, I liked the White Stripes first record but I don’t even listen to any of Jack White’s stuff anymore”, he said with a condescending sniff.  This beer just tastes really good.  Get over yourself.  They brewed an ocean of it because they make a lot of money off of it and it tastes good.

Coronado Brewing Punk’in Drublic-  The label is annoyingly hard to read, so maybe the name isn’t right on this.  It doesn’t really matter though because I don’t ever imagine I will buy this again.  It’s like chewing on a candle you found in the attic.  There’s a kind of musty quality to it.  (If you are the brewmaster reading this, I’m really sorry.  Check it out though.  It does taste like an old scented candle.)

Erie Brewing Johnny Rails-  This is like Crooked River’s little brother, though it’s actually better than Crooked River as the cinnamon is restrained enough to not be completely overwhelming.  I remember when I was in grade school in Erie, there was this brief period of time when kids were making cinnamon toothpicks.  You were really cool if you were chewing on one of these in Social Studies.  I have to think that one of those kids had a hand in brewing this.  How else can you explain so much fucking cinnamon?

Fat Head Spooky Tooth-  I will stand by my original review on this.  It is really tasty and goes down so smooth.  The chance of noticing the 9% alcohol is probably pretty slim.  Somewhere someone is hosting a Halloween party and is serving a big ice tub filled with these, and somewhere later that night someone is going to wake up in a harness while hoping that the two naked dudes in clown makeup and woman in the torn witch costume don’t wake up before he has chewed his way through the leather straps and escaped the trailer.   

Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale-  When I was 16 a few of my friends had the really good idea to steal liquor from their parents.  Nobody wanted to get caught, so the tactic was to take a little bit of everything and pour it into the same 16 oz 7-Up plastic bottle.  This horrific concoction was named “Lizard Spit” and was most noteworthy for the dominant scent of whatever cheap bourbon had been part of the brew.  That is what I thought about with the weird blend of pumpkin pie spice and bourbon mixed with the malt.  I think the word for that particular blend of beer and bourbon is “regret”.  This is the smiling guy with the gapped teeth who gets you to take a few tugs off a bottle of mystery bourbon and then convinces you that one little hit of LSD won’t be a big deal…

RJ Rockers Gruntled Pumpkin Ale-  This is the Night Ranger of pumpkin beers.  Anyone that says, “RJ Rockers is awesome!” becomes immediately suspect in my book.  Have you ever met someone that seems to be really cool, and then suddenly says something that throws everything out the window like “…but you have to admire Hitler’s plan” or “…sometimes unicorns can just be really sexy” or “…so I was running late to meet my Civil War recreation group”.  Hearing “RJ Rockers is really awesome” would be just like that.

Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale-  This is very rich pumpkin pie with a nice kick of nutmeg.  I could see watching a Little House on the Prairie marathon with the sound off with the Byrd’s “Live At The Fillmore” blasting out of my speakers while drinking this.  That might sound terrible to you, but just wait until you try it.  It will be like the first time you watched The Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon on.  How’s your mind now?  Blown?

Harpoon Imperial Pumpkin Ale-  My notes said “tastes like a pile of leaves”.  It has a crippling 10.5% alcohol, and I clearly didn’t like it.  I noted “I imagine having my teeth pulled out by a bonfire by a man with pliers and leather pants.  There are fat guys with beards laughing when I start crying.  It’s cold.  Very cold.  I can’t get away.  A Hawkwind album is playing off speed from a parked car in the distance.”.  Although it’s good to know a drinking experience like this is out there, I don’t know when the next time is that I will want to have it.

Long Trail Brewing Company Pumpkin Ale-  I picture a bunch of dudes in flannel shirts at this brewery saying, “I am so tired of making this dull lager.  Let’s make a boring pumpkin beer and then go watch CSI Miami and make Jiffy Pop”.  I’ll bet that is considered fun in Vermont.  When it came here to my table, it wasn’t so fun.  Immediately forgettable.   

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nurse the Hate: Hate the NFL Week 4 2014

It is a quiet Sunday with nothing to do but think and gamble on Football.  This is what God intended when he sent Moses walking across the water to proclaim Sunday as a day of rest and perform the miracle of the fishes to all those tailgaters at that party so long ago.  I may have missed a detail or two on that.  I didn't pay attention as much as I should have in Sunday School.  However, the important thing to remember is Sunday is what you make of it.  I will not allow my Sunday to be compromised by bad vibes.  All around me others are making terrible decisions, but I will be strong and move ahead in a brave new world.  Some of you will come with me on a ride to glory.  Others will be left behind wondering about opportunities lost and why you can't pay the electric bill.

I will once again break my cardinal rule and bet on the Jets.  I don't know why I am doing this.  It is sure to end in disaster, yet then again isn't life just a series of doomed mistakes repeated again and again?  Don't even get me started on a discussion of the wheel and spoke theory of time and choice and destined outcomes.  It's too much to deal with...  That is the kind of talk that is best for late night hours by a fire where the fog of the evening will allow the jibbersih to make sense.  A bottle of cognac and a professorial guy in a turtleneck smoking a pipe thoughtfully would help too.  It has no place on a Sunday morning where the goal is to pick winners.  Nobody wants an asshole with a pipe and an Abe Lincoln beard around when you are going to lay down money on a dysfunctional team like the Jets.  Hear me out on this thing though...  The Jets have covered their last 17 of 19 after a loss.  That is because since the Jets are based out of Media Capital USA, and the overreaction to a Jets loss makes the public question if the team will ever win again.  Frankly, I don't know if they will or can, I just need the cover.  I'm on the Jets at home +2.  Oh, one more thing... The Lions are 4-16 as road favorites.  You on board now?  Jets +2

The Miami Dolphins are playing the Oakland Raiders in London today.  This must be some payback we have on the British for something that happened in the late 1700s.  I have no idea why they have to be subject to such a horrible football game as this.  Then again, we have had to endure the Spice Girls, Culture Club, and endless coverage of the Royal Wedding.  They should have to watch a jet lagged Dolphins team do almost nothing against a plain out horrible Raider team at some horribly inflated ticket price.  Oakland has lost 15 in a row in EST.  Now they flew another six hours east to play?  I don't care if the Dolphins got to England by being washed ashore on a shipwreck.  I'm on Miami all day at -3.5.

It took about a decade, but the General Public finally woke up to the fact that the Dallas Cowboys suck.  They have always been the glitzy team that everyone talks about, but no one seemed to notice that they are really just the Detroit Lions with better cheerleaders.  Now it has become so fashionable to shit talk the Cowboys that everyone assumes they will lose no matter who they are playing.  For example, Vegas estimates that the Cowboys would be +4 against Yale.  OK, I made that up, but it was only to be clever and make a point.  They would kick the fuck out of Yale.  Well, at home they would.  I think.  Today Dallas plays New Orleans in Dallas and they are getting three at home.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the Saints aren't all that pundits think they are, while Dallas is better than perception.  I'll take the Cowboys at home with a field goal.  Why?  The Saints are 1-7 in their last eight road games.  The Saints only play well at home where they get the benefit of the opposing team staying up till 5am in a transvestite jazz club after knocking back too many hurricanes in some filthy Bourbon Street tourist trap.  It's tough to blitz Brees effectively when barfing every ten minutes.  Dallas +3.

Season Record:  6-3