Monday, April 22, 2013

Nurse the Hate: Boston Bombers 2

As the Boston Bombing incident comes to a conclusion, I think I can sum up the whole thing with the first thing that came to my mind.  What the fuck was that?  It really appears like a dumb ass boxer convinced his little brother that blowing up people at the Boston Marathon was a really good idea.  The Uncle really nailed it on the head in that interview when he blurted out "Losers!  They are losers!".  An amateur boxer and high school wrestler, now there’s a dream team!  I would like to point out that if a boxer and a wrestler get together to come over and kick my ass, that will probably work very well.  Conversely, if a boxer gets together with a wrestler to come up with a “plan”, it probably won’t work very well.

They seemed to have a post bombing plan based on bad action movies.  The “crime spree ending in shootout” works pretty well in movies directed by Michael Mann.  The real life version of having every local, state, and federal law enforcement officer in a seven hundred mile radius up your ass is that it ends very poorly for you.  Well, I guess that’s only if you think being shot a bunch of times and then run over by your dumbfuck brother in the “getaway car” is bad.  Or laying inside a boat and shooting yourself in the mouth, only to botch it and wind up in police custody.  I don’t recall any of those Die Hard movies ending with Jon McClain propped up with a feeding tube.  I didn’t see Die Hard 3 though, so maybe I’m wrong on that.

I have been most struck by the interviews of the school mates of the little brother.  Every single one of them said a variation of “Dude would be the last person you would ever think would do this”.  I don’t know if that is an indictment of him being passive, dispassionate, or maybe just being inept.  The one thing that it does point out is that you never really know anyone.  It’s hard enough to believe anyone at face value anyway.  This takes everything to a whole new level.  Now I have to wonder if anyone I know is planning on blowing me up at something like a Motley Crue concert?   Or maybe they want to videotape sawing my head off in their garage because they watched some crazy youtube videos that gave them ideas on how to be cool with the bad vibes beard and turban gang?  And to think some people don’t think TV ads work…

That kid went to a dorm party after committing a heinous crime and was allegedly totally relaxed.  He was just hanging out, chill as can be…  I’m telling you, I need to totally re-think my approach to other people.  You really have to assume every one you know is comfortably lying to your face.  It’s the only way to not be shocked.  You have to assume the worst from this point on.  Your co-workers are child pornographers.  Your neighbors are planning to blow up the Washington Monument.  Your girl is sleeping with your friends, who are also involved in the child pornography ring which is funding the Washington Monument plot.  Multiple international corporations are calling the shots on the timing of all of it to manipulate stock prices to keep you as an indentured servant to your 401k and mythical retirement.  You are surrounded by a web of lies.  Hell, every person is lying so often with such comfort even they don’t know what the truth is any more.  You will never have a real moment of clarity.  The question you have to ask yourself is “Do you even want to know The Real Truth”? 

My guess is “no”.  The NFL Draft is in a few days.  Focus on that.  Go Browns.


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