Friday, November 15, 2013

Nurse the Hate: Football Week 11

Seeing the hound at work is to stand in the aura of a master.  His mind free and pure, able to understand with precise clarity the outcome of future events.  His days remain unhindered by trivial pursuits.  He spends his days eating, relaxing, sniffing, and gazing into the future with a calm that covers all in his axis like a warm blanket.  Can I explain it?  No.  How can one explain a hummingbird or a bumblebee?  They should not function, but yet do in effortless fashion.  Such is the situation with Montgomery, the oracle of football.  His uncanny ability to predict the future is most likely related to how dogs sense earthquakes.  We cannot hope to understand it completely, but we must attempt to harness this power in our own clumsy way for personal gain.  It is the plight of man, stumbling through this world in which so much is unknowable.

Montgomery went 4-1 last week, and I think I confused him on the one game he lost.  Last night we went over some of the high profile games, and Monty was very decisive on all of these games with the exception of the Denver v Kansas City game, where he lingered staring at both treats as I repeated “Denver minus nine over here, or Kansas City with the points over here… “  His brow furrowed, he stared at both treats for a long time before finally making his selection.

I have received many emails wanting to know how Monty felt about particular games, and I am sorry that he did not pick the whole slate of games.  This is not because he is unaware of who will win each game.  He does.  Remember, he looks into the future as you would look into a TV set.  It’s not a prediction, but a validation of events that have yet to unfold to us.  No, the problem was the number of treats I had at my disposal.  An overfed basset is not an asset to anyone, and Monty needs to keep his trim figure.  To stay “hungry” if you will for future games…

As one person who messaged me asked, here’s Monty’s “early steam”…

Monty loves Nebraska +5.5 over Michigan State and Stanford -3.5 over USC on Saturday.  Remember, Montgomery does not buy into media hype.  He does not watch ESPN.  He watches squirrels and sometimes birds.  That keeps his mind clear. 

On Sunday, Montgomery also gave strong “buy” signals to Cincinnati -6 over Cleveland and New Orleans -3 over San Francisco.  As I mentioned previously, the only game that gave him pause was the Denver v KC game where he made no move on either treat until finally indicating Kansas City +9 as his play.  Take this hesitation as you will.  Did he really concentrate on that game?  Was the future unclear?  Are there two possible futures?  Is everything that is to come already destined to occur, or do we indeed have freewill?  These are heady questions that are a lot for a young basset hound to tackle.  Regardless of how you fall on the subject of destiny, there is no debate on results. 



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