Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Nurse the Hate: Comrade Trump's Phone II

I will admit to being very excited about the Comey testimony on Thursday.  What I am hoping for are those great moments in dramas where the questioner paces back and forth and demands a direct answer to a damning question, and then with a dramatic pause the witness provides an answer where the assembled crowd gasps in disbelief.  At that point someone with a gavel bangs it on the desk and shouts out “Order!  Order!” while everyone loses their mind.  It’s a nice tidy package.  It’s just unrealistic.  James Comey is a cop and a lawyer.  He will answer everything very carefully making sure not to stick his neck out too far regardless of the monumental stupidity and potential criminal activity of Comrade Trump.  It feels like waiting for a record of a band that you love, and when you get it home it’s disappointing.  I want Comey to give me “Exile On Main Street” and I think we will get “Dirty Work”.

Trump is unfit.  He can’t do the job to which he was elected and we are all fucked.  Who could have seen this coming?  Well, everyone, but no use crying about it now.  It’s our reality.  Today there is debate in Britain if Trump’s State visit should be cancelled thanks to his wild ass Twitter account.  We aren’t talking about Iran getting pissed.  England is pissed.  England.  Those guys were even on board for that “Weapons of Mass Destruction” fiasco that was transparently a lie.  They can be counted on to have our backs no matter what, but we may have finally found their breaking point.  I mean, it’s fairly reasonable, no?  If the British Prime Minister had tweeted after 9/11 “Pathetic Mayor of New York said NY Fire Department heroes.  I like heroes that save people.  SAD!”  I think most of us would be a bit salty towards the UK. 

I checked out Fox News coverage of the upcoming Comey testimony.  Though even they appear to be taking a “let’s wait and see what happens because this shit looks bad” approach, they are running a Pro Trump piece.  This article suggests that Trump must be innocent of any wrong doing because if he was pressuring Comey, then Comey would have resigned.  I had trouble following the logic, but I had to give them kudos for at least trying to not connect the dots.  It takes a real leap of faith to suggest that Trump is not guilty of obstructing justice, or at the very least, plain stupidity.  That is the real game with Trump in trying to figure out his self destructive behavior.  Is it criminal or stupid? 

That fucking guy can’t stay off his phone.  I think we can all agree that Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about foreign policy.  This isn’t an opinion.  It’s just the way it is.  Yet, he thinks it is a good idea to shoot off a completely reckless quick little tweet about the Persian Gulf in the midst of the crisis there and take "credit" for it.  He has one tool in his toolbox, a hammer.  Despite having been bitten in the ass just days before with his lack of finesse and understanding, he learned absolutely nothing and just got right back on the phone.  This is the very definition of stupidity.  Meanwhile Sean Spicer can’t get out of the way of it fast enough, noting that Trump’s tweets are his “official statements”.   Sean Spicer has the worst job on the planet right now.  If I were him, I’d say things like “Yeah man, this shit is crazy.  I don’t know what he meant either.  Stop asking me.”

Now if we can make it to Thursday maybe we can get this impeachment train rolling.  Trump is clearly unable to do this job.  He has no idea how to govern.  He divides the nation as he plays to his minority base while ignoring the will of the population.  Congress appears unwilling to do the correct thing for the nation until they get a tax cut for the top 2% income bracket jammed through.  If all the Trump core supporters and their kids have to die in a horrific war started by accident, that’s no problem as long as those Top 2% folks can save a little pocket change on taxes.  Republican Congress will not help you.  Well, unless you make a shitload of money.  Then you can build a pool with your tax refund to watch war coverage on Fox.  But for the rest of us?  Trump doesn’t know what he is doing, won’t admit he doesn’t know what he is doing, and he’s taking us with him.  This is not a political ideology issue.  The nation is at risk with this man in office.  Trump is not going to resign and admit he failed.  He will pretend he is kicking ass no matter what happens.  He doesn’t care about me, you, or anyone else that doesn’t have “Trump” as their last name.   Pence is crazy too, but at least not “4:48am tweet that gets a war started” crazy.  He can’t be worse.  (Can he?)

Let’s get this impeachment party started.   


At June 6, 2017 at 8:00:00 PM EDT , Blogger vfh159 said...

Whatever shall I wear?

At June 6, 2017 at 8:09:00 PM EDT , Blogger Greg Miller said...

Summer whites?

At June 7, 2017 at 9:58:00 AM EDT , Blogger Ken in sunny Florida said...

Seersucker. Always en vogue.


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