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Nurse the Hate: History of the Whiskey Daredevils Volume 3

For Immediate Release:  Whiskey Daredevils Lost Album To Be Re-released

In celebration of their 2018 European Tour, the Whiskey Daredevils will reissue their seminal 1973 Pye Records LP “The History of the Whiskey Daredevils Volume 3”.  Long forgotten by the existing band members, this record unexpectedly resurfaced in a Parisian flea market only weeks ago.  The cover art was painstakingly re-produced by Brian Willse from what is suspected to be the only remaining copy.  This landmark of recorded music will be available only as a limited edition on Whiskey Daredevils Tour Dates as well as housed in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute.

This is the famous “lost” record of the Whiskey Daredevils catalogue, a true Holy Grail for collectors and enthusiasts alike.  Though the quality of the recordings on this record have never been in question, the record has achieved legendary status amongst collectors for not only its rarity but its reputation as a “doomed” release.  “You need to remember that this was released on Pye Records just as the label was folding.  The label had gambled very heavily on a Billy Preston release that had done very poorly in the UK.  They were strapped for cash and had hoped the Preston record “Billy Does Skiffle” would strike a cord with young record buyers.  Alas, they had greatly missed on the “great wave of skiffle” by a good nine years as the youth culture had moved on to The Sweet and T. Rex.  This led Pye to only be able to print 200 copies of the Daredevils record, the vast majority of which sat in a loading dock in Bermondsey unopened.”, noted British music sage John Peel.

Surprisingly, the Daredevils failed to land a domestic deal for the album and it quietly faded from memory.  “Anyone that was in 1973 can tell you, if you can remember 1973, you weren’t there.”, said Whiskey Daredevils front man Greg Miller.  “The great wave of the 60s had broken and washed back, and we thought the party would last forever.  We had spent most of that year touring Europe.  We did the UK with Hawkwind, Germany and France with Uriah Heep and then a quick run of Spanish dates opening for Humble Pie.  Leo was filling in on a run of shows with Gary Glitter, who at that time was still doing a psychedelic act as “Electric Dan and the Current”.  That left me with nothing but time in the UK.  I holed up in a small flat in Bexley working on a rock adaptation of Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor".  I was writing lyrics to it while collaborating with an exciting pipe organist that would later become my second wife.  Ultimately the project would come to nothing, but in that fog of that excitement and the heavy amount of Moroccan hash I was smoking, I just forgot all about “History Volume 3”.  I might have had a child with that woman.  It’s hard to recall.  It was an exciting time of experimentation. ”

The Daredevils visas and luck ran out at the end of that year.  The band was sent home by British officials after drummer Leo P. Love was arrested at a Billy Preston gig in Leeds for stealing one of Preston’s backstage “Old Peculiar” ales.  “Yeah, that was pretty fucked up.  It wasn’t my fault though because no one told me I couldn’t have one of those.  I was just trying to give someone the greatest gift you could ever give someone and then the Bobbies busted me.  I did not know!  I did not know!  Wait…  What the fuck were we just talking about?”, said Love shortly after the incident in an interview in Creem Magazine.

This LP will be lovingly pressed by the German record plant Flight 13 and be available September 21st.  A team of four German audio specialists formerly of Blaupunkt has committed to the project and will work directly with the master tapes acquired by Daredevils sound guru John Smerek.  Smerek noted “it’s fascinating to hear the Whiskey Daredevils at that time, well before I was in the scene.  These are the songs they played as rock and roll went from an underground movement to the big business it became.  You can hear the influence of the gigs at Eel Island with Eric Burden.  One a few of the tracks I could swear it’s John Paul Jones on bass, but the tracking sheets say it’s Sugar.  I know she was ill for a time after eating discounted gas station haggis.  Still, it was a golden time for the band as these recordings will attest.”

For More Information:

Greg Miller

Track listing:

  1. Honest Man
  2. Don’t Talk To Connie
  3. Please Stop Hitting Connie
  4. In That Order
  5. It’s Just Jail
  6. 12XU
  7. 101.1 Gram Man Bracelet
  8. Swim the Lake of Fire
  9. Never Again
  10. Mess On The Floor
  11. Last Train To Berlin
  12. Mojo Twist



At June 27, 2018 at 11:55:00 AM EDT , Blogger Frank said...

I have but one recollection of 1973 and this is I did not see a single drop of rain for 369 straight days, which was good as, for a reason I can no longer recall, my '72 Dodge Dart Swinger was missing the rear window for the majority of that time.

At June 27, 2018 at 3:03:00 PM EDT , Blogger Greg Miller said...

It was a golden age.

At June 28, 2018 at 1:31:00 PM EDT , Blogger old man taylor said...

i'll never forget the New Riders of the Purple Sage/Whiskey Daredevils show at the Zig Zag Club in Fort Wayne.Mott The Hoople played the next night but i was in jail.

At June 28, 2018 at 4:01:00 PM EDT , Blogger Greg Miller said...

A lot of people don't remember that I was the original vocalist in the New Riders.

At June 29, 2018 at 10:58:00 AM EDT , Blogger old man taylor said...

Revenge is a great motivation for an opening act.It was an epic night.


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