Sunday, August 5, 2007

Nurse the Hate: Hate the Cooler

I cannot pick a winner right now if I had a time machine, could travel into the future, and watch an entire day's worth of MLB action. The Almighty Baseball Gods have paid me back for my gloating about how easy it is to bet baseball in a rather significant manner. I have lost eight in a row, and may never be able to find a winner again. I may know less about baseball right now than I do about molecular engineering, 18th Century French poetry, and woodworking. And that's saying something...

Hell, I even lost that Marquez/Vazquez fight last night. By the way, that was a great fight. Vazquez had two cuts above both eyes open about a 1/4 inch each, and still managed to TKO Marquez. This comes only four months after Marquez busted Vazquez's nose so bad he looked like Stallone after the end of "Rocky". The rematch should be epic. Also, on the undercard, Celestino Caballero looks like a good guy to bet against for the future. He's looks like a 122lb Hearns, but he's just elbows and holds without any of the power. He's going to get killed by any of the high ranked Mexicans in the division. His lack of technical skill will be his undoing.

To get out of this funk, I even considered betting on preseason football. That is clearly a cry for help. The prospect of sitting white knuckled hoping the Steelers 4th string QB can connect on a sideline route to some kid from Robert Morris that has been brought in to be training camp drill fodder is too grim to even consider. I talked myself off of that ledge, and have decided to plug away on baseball. Somehow it seems much more sane to be locked in on Miguel Batista against Josh Beckett. (Those of you reading this Sunday, load up on the Red Sox. You can't lose.)


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