Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nurse the Hate: Rapid Fire Hatred

Here's a quick rundown of annoying things that have caught my attention this week...

1) Why are World Poker Tour Players allowed to wear sunglasses? I don't know who the first douchebag is that started up with this, but I've had it. Maybe they think they look cool and unreadable, but don't they really just look like hillbillies and mooks that don't belong there? My current dream is to seed a good poker player that can get to the televised portion. When the cameras start capturing the action, my guy will change into his San Diego Chicken costume for the rest of the tournament. Sure, it'll be a bitch to hold the cards with wings, but good luck trying to read the unblinking eye of the chicken. That'll get that rule change I'm looking for.

2) Why do Browns fans fall hook, line, and sinker each year to baseless optimism? This team sucked last year, and they added a tackle, cornerback, and a guard. The new QB won't get in there until week 7. They need 3 defensive linemen, 2 linebackers, another cornerback, a couple safeties, another offensive guard/tackle, a third receiver, a fullback, and a head coach. They sucked last year, and they'll suck again this year. Vegas has them at 5.5 wins for the over/under on the season. When was the last time the book missed on a line by 5 games? Quit dreaming and start supporting the Indians. That's a team with a shot.

3) Is it possible to stop with the Michael Vick coverage? Everybody came out with an opinion...I mean everybody. Even Hank Aaron had an opinion, and he didn't say shit about Barry Bonds and his enormous head breaking his old home run record. Those wacky gals on The View even chatted it up. It is impossible to get away from it, and clearly there is no further information or opinion needed at this time. ?No One is in favor of dog fighting (publicly that is...). How much longer must we dwell on it? He's going to jail! His career is ruined! OK? That's it! Let's move on! I hope something else happens soon that gathers some attention and gets everyone off this topic. Hey, maybe someone will notice that our poor troops (kids) are still dying in Iraq, and the Corporate Interests that have been cut in by Bush II are still making billions. That might be worth a discussion.

4) Does Ringo Starr really belong in the Rock R Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist? Of course not...People get whipped into a frenzy when a Beatle is involved though, so let's all stay in our shoes. Today in the Plain Dealer (Cleveland local paper) there was an extensive article on why he should be inducted into the Rock Hall. The crux of that argument was that his old songs made the writer feel good like when he was a little boy. Well, in that case better get the Wiggles ready for their 2016 induction... Ringo's solo career had some hits because he's like a familiar old Uncle that makes you laugh. Everyone likes him, but let's be honest here. The actual body of work when viewed in the light of day is laughable. Did he even write any of those songs? He's "in" as a Beatle, and that's enough. Shit, don't get me started on the Rock Hall. I don't think George Harrison should be in either. Disagree? Why don't you play that Dark Horse record and get back to me. Let's keep some standards here, shall we?


At September 5, 2007 at 1:29:00 AM EDT , Blogger Dave in Buffalo said...

Any fool can play hold 'em. Let's see them wear their glasses playing 7 card stud!


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