Saturday, September 22, 2007

Nurse the Hate: Hate College Football

Everybody is getting on Notre Dame with the points against MICHIGAN STATE today, and I don’t understand why. Hasn’t Notre Dame scored one (1) touchdown in three games this season? And haven’t they also allowed 102 points in three games? Why would that translate into them being able to stay within 10 of a 3-0 Michigan State team? True, Michigan State has not been overly impressive in its three wins, but until Notre Dame and “genius” Charlie Weiss can figure out what the hell is going on over there, keep betting against the Domers.

If you look out your window, chances are you’ll see someone with money on Oregon today as 78% of the money out there is on the Ducks. They’re giving Stanford 18. After three straight covers, and a 1-1 Stanford team coming off a blowout loss to UCLA, the money is piling in. Looks like a lay up, doesn’t it? I’d take the Standford +18, and white knuckle it for a late Cardinal score. Remember, the public is always wrong. Always. (But betting on Stanford sure is scary, isn’t it?)

If you’re stuck at a wedding reception, family event, or are just laying prone on the couch today, here’s the way to go on the National/Regional TV games. KENT STATE wins and covers over Akron in the regional game. Kent is actually pretty good this year. A win on the road at Iowa State is a nice win for the program, and losing to KY big is no dishonor. Take the Flashes -2. They’ve got the #1 rushing game in the MAC, and that wins rivalry games. PENN STATE easily covers the -2 over Michigan. As we all know, beating Notre Dame doesn’t mean shit. Michigan lost to Appalachian St and got killed by Oregon. Penn State is a legitimate college football team, and will shut Michigan down. Wisconsin is giving IOWA seven in the prime time game. I think this game will be close, and I would take Iowa and the points if forced to make a choice.

Record this season 5-2. Hey, that ain’t bad!

Random Notes: Good to see Bruce Springsteen (i.e. “Man of The People”) will be coming to your town with the full E Street Band. And at just over $100 per ticket, you can hear “Rosalita”. Again. Maybe you can also pick up a nice $45 t shirt too. Look, the way I see it you can either be A) “The Common Man” and charge something like $30 a seat or B) just come out and say you’re in it for the money. Screw you and that fake Okie shit you are selling….I am going to Cabo San Lucas next week and I have a horrible fear that at some point I will find myself in Sammy Hagar’s bar. Isn’t that the adult version of going to a Frat party? For years I have been the Anti Red Rocker, and to see myself going so close to the Lion’s Den is terrifying. That bar may well be the very epicenter of lame. It is the core of all things sucky. The power of shittiness it must radiate will be awesome to behold. I will be strong and not heed The Siren’s call. At least I hope I will…I picked up The Dexateens “Hardware Healing” CD, and was pleasantly surprised. It’s kind of a shaggy cousin to a Drive By Truckers album (before they became all serious about being the New Voice of the South). And just to confirm what you may have already guessed, The Baby Shambles “Blinding” EP is unlistenable. Oh yeah, Wilco’s “Sky Blue Sky” is pretty sleepy too…Hank III is playing here tonight. It took me awhile to buy in to him, but the last time I saw him with Joe Buck in the band I was really impressed. He was really great. The one thing you must keep in mind though, the crowd had an element of pond scum I have rarely seen at a public event. There were people there that not only do you not see at any shows, I doubt you would see them in any public place. Really scary junkyard dog hillbilly types with eyes spread too far apart on their heads, and stare straight ahead meth/bourbon stares. Suffice to say, any gentlemen attending the performance this evening will have a VERY small chance of meeting an unaccompanied attractive young lady.


At September 25, 2007 at 3:24:00 PM EDT , Blogger ScottyJ said...

How was the Hank III show?

Stay away from Big 10 games this year. Sub par that league is....from top to bottom.


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