Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nurse the Hate: Tournament Day 3

I came plummeting back to earth yesterday.  This should come as no surprise.  I don't know anything about what is going on with these NCAA games.  That won't stop me from going back to the well today.  While I am waiting to play a rock show tonight, I want to be able to obsessively check my phone for scores.  I feel as if I have begun a project and I need to see that project to its inevitable conclusion.

I am going to take San Diego State -3 today over North Dakota State.  My blogger guy says they have much better defense, and that will be the difference.  I just think that these tournament upset feel good stories usually last about 48 hours.  The story arch appears to be team wins big upset, kids at small school live it up and can't believe all the national media people that want to talk to them, and then forget they have another game the next day.  It's a harsh world to go from Erin Andrews wanting your attention to hoping someone takes your Taco Bell order in North Dakota in less than 2 days, but that's life kid.  This was your moment in the sun.  That's over now.  Have a good life in Fargo.

Alert!  Alert!  What a great time for an ill-advised two team teaser!  Saturday night?  What a perfect time to make a sucker bet.  How about if we take Syracuse -4 and Oregon +9.5.  Everyone thinks Dayton is a big deal because they beat a weak ass Ohio State team.  Syracuse is a legitimate basketball team though.  They'll get to the Sweet 16, right?  This is admittedly very flimsy logic.  Regarding Oregon +9.5, I think that this game will be close.  Wisconsin likes to slow it down and play low scoring games.  If that's the case, 9.5 is too many points to give in a tournament game against two relatively close teams.  No one ever sees Oregon, so the logic is they must suck.  The Pac 10 or 12 or whatever the fuck it is now is a monster conference.  What could go wrong here?    

Tournament record= 4-2-1


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