Friday, December 2, 2016

Nurse the Hate: The Dangers of the Internet

I have had a series of dreams recently where I am cleaning fish.  I haven't caught a fish much less cleaned a fish in decades.  I have absolutely no idea where that came from.  I couldn't figure it out.  I looked it up on the internet.  Surely I could find the answer there.  I carefully considered what the various websites told me and then a wave of rational thought hit me.  "Dreams don't necessarily mean anything.  A random website that has been created by some joker that knows even less I than do means even less than my own speculation.  I should close this website immediately and back away from the computer."

That is the thing with the web.  One minute you are looking for information on Kansas City Chief offensive line injuries.  The next minute you are examining your subconscious with the aid of a website a 13 year old Korean girl put together with her friends after school.  We walk around with a device that can teach us about almost anything, yet I seem to see mostly dog videos and guys getting hit in the nuts falling off skateboards.  You can have the most innocent of intentions.  Three clicks later it has all gone wrong.  Let me tell you first hand, it's not a far jump from "making gingerbread houses" to "clown porn".  It's best not to know about things like your subconscious.  Or clown porn.

What I do know about thanks to the web is that the Buffalo Bills are the #1 running team in the NFL.  (I know.  It surprised me too.)  They go on the road to take on Oakland with their #28 run defense.  Let's be honest.  Everyone has jumped on the Raider bandwagon.  They and the Cowboys are the Teams of the Moment.  The key to betting football is to remember that not only are you picking the team that will win the game, but the one that beats perception.  The Public is going to be all over the Raiders.  I'm going the other way.  Gambling on sports has taught me that The Public is always wrong.  This is not a theory.  It is an absolute truth.  The Raiders have a big game next TH against KC.  The home game against Buffalo is an afterthought.  The Bills are good at hanging around, especially if they can run the ball.  Take the points.  Buffalo +3.5.

The People are very excited about Miami.  They have won six in a row.  I saw some guy from the Dolphins in a horrible nightclub muscle shirt and gold chain interviewed on ESPN.  That guy thought he was the man because he won six in a row (and probably because of a lifestyle in South Beach that would make Caligula blush).  I get mad when I think about what that guy has going on.  Then I remember he will probably snap a knee in an otherwise meaningless game in Buffalo in the snow and never walk properly again.  Then I think "oh let that crazy kid have some fun".  The Dolphins are on a roll.  However, let's slow down on the Dolphins.  Four of those six wins were close games against real dogs.  Now I'm not suggesting that the Ravens are some kind of juggernaut.  That team is an illusion as well.  However, they are better than SF, Rams, Jets, and San Diego.  And they are at home.  And the Dolphins start Tannehill.  Miami will have all types of problems vs that Baltimore defense.  Baltimore -3.  

Season Record:  22-8


At December 3, 2016 at 3:10:00 AM EST , Blogger Frank said...

Ah, the precious "cleaning fish dreams" time of life. I recall it fondly.

At December 3, 2016 at 11:06:00 AM EST , Blogger Greg Miller said...

You've always been an outdoorsman. Plus the closeness to the river must help.


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