Thursday, January 12, 2017

Nurse the Hate: Hate The Trump Presidency Vol. 1

Two years ago it would have been impossible to sell through the idea of an incoming president having been taped by Russian spies having a “golden shower party” with prostitutes in the Moscow Ritz.  The movie "Ghost Dad" was more rooted in reality.  There is no one in a Hollywood pitch meeting that could have sat through a presentation where it was suggested that Americans would stand for their election being influenced by Russian hackers allegedly working with a political candidate in order to get elected.  “Thanks for coming in, but that script is so fucking out there that no one would believe it.  We can’t make that movie.  You got anything with a robot in it?”

The fact that this latest Trump story might not be true isn’t even the point.  It’s that it could be true.  It is well within what we now consider The Realm of Possibility.  How is this possible?  How have we allowed ourselves to come to this point?  Let’s say that the most galvanizing president in the last 50 years was Nixon.  It is incomprehensible that a news story would break along the lines of “Richard Nixon Filmed Eating Ass of Chinese Whores On Vacation”.  Yet in today’s America absolutely anything is possible.  There is no headline that will really get the population's attention enough to say as one unified mass, "We have a real problem here.".  There is nothing that will get people into the streets as a bloodthirsty mob.  "Trump may have worked with Russia to get elected?  Huh.  Hey, is MMA on?"  I have no idea how we as conscious citizens and the rest of our allies are going to white knuckle it through the next four years.

Trump's first news conference in a half a year was most noteworthy for his refusal to acknowledge certain news sources like CNN, labeling them as "fake news".  Yes, the same bland CNN that is on every airport on the planet.  CNN had the audacity to mention to their viewers that a classified document was blowing around noting that our incoming national leader had been willingly compromised by an antagonistic foreign power and had a party with prostitutes urinating all over the place.  How is that not the lead story at any news source, not for the day but maybe the year?  Trump appears to have gone to the Baby Doc school of journalism and is right now probably asking how he can have anyone writing something negative about him shot by government troops.  (If so, please note I think Trump looked very handsome at his news conference.  Very athletic too.)

It appears that he thinks he has ascended to Emperor.  It is very troubling that a man that spent this much time and effort to become president seems to have spent no time considering what actually being president entails.  He is going to be so disappointed when he discovers that instead of sitting on a golden throne he actually is the center of a snarling bureaucracy.  The press conference he just held is one that a guy trying to become president has, not one that actually is president. His lack of finesse is startling.  Hell, if he wasn't our president he would be hilarious.  Toss him up as head of state for Haiti and I would watch him all day long.  As our leader I am watching through the fingers held up to my eyes.  American history hasn't seen something like this since Andrew Jackson.        

Presidents need to communicate in a measured manner that demonstrates steady leadership.  We have elected someone that wants to communicate through Twitter.  Trump appears completely uninterested in finding out about a foreign government trying to influence our election but went to Twitter immediately to denounce Meryl Streep.  When I think of a rabble rousing bomb throwing miscreant that gets under the skin of world leaders, the name that comes to mind is "Meryl Streep".  If you just read that sentence it seems like a wild joke meant to make a point. Unfortunately the joke is on us, and by "us" I mean anyone that lives on the planet.

Trump isn't even president yet and this is a disaster.  Set your over/under for Watergate type hearings for first pitch of baseball season.  President Mike Pence never looked so good.     


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