Friday, March 31, 2017

Nurse the Hate: Comrade Trump Has A Problem

It doesn’t look good for Comrade Trump.  Michael Flynn coming out of nowhere to publicly offer testimony in exchange for immunity isn’t exactly a strong endorsement of the White House’s claims that “the Russia story is a hoax”.  If I have recently been publicly shamed and cast out of the kingdom, the last thing I am going to do is thrust myself into the public spotlight once again and scream “Hey!  Forget about me?” if I wasn’t concerned about going to prison.  Most elderly privileged white dudes don’t have “prison” as a box checked off on their retirement goals.  I am guessing that he is having the squeeze put on him by some humorless government intelligence agency, likely one of the ones that Trump decided to immediately alienate and call out upon taking office.  In retrospect, this was a bad decision on his part.

I have some friends that are Trump supporters.  These are seemingly reasonable people otherwise.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how they could be looking at the never ending cascade of damning events being revealed and still insist that there is no story with Trump and his people colluding with Russia.  They are completely inflexible in this position as well.  It’s like being in the same classroom and having the teacher tell the Big Bad Wolf story, and afterwords your friends insist there is no connection between the wolf and that sorry ass pig getting his shitty straw house blown down.  

“But, the wolf came over and said he was going to blow his house down unless he let the wolf in!”  NO.  That’s not what happened.  It’s very common for straw houses to get blown down, and the Big Bad Wolf was in that neighborhood for reasons very easily explained, which the Wolf has promised to do very soon after launching a full investigation on how that house got blown down.  The Big Bad Wolf believes the American People deserve to know what happened to that poor little pig’s house.  Anything you have heard about the Big Bad Wolf blowing that house down is fake news.  “But the Wolf said he was going to do it!  Here’s a video of him saying it!”  You are taking what the wolf said literally.  When he said “blow your house in”, he said it in quotes which can actually mean he wants to build him a new house.  A better house.  The best house.

It’s enough to make your head explode.

So I watched some more Fox News this week while whacked out on the couch with meds.  If you haven’t watched a few hours of Fox News, you should do so.  You immediately understand why your friends seem insane.  They aren’t crazy.  They are just watching a reality show with a completely different story line than the rest of us.  On that TV show, America (translated to white people like you) is under siege by strange brown people and their Godless accomplices in the Democratic Party which want to take away your basic freedoms and reward these brown rapists and murderers for no discernible reason.  Common sense and christian values are under attack.  Everything is urgent.  Everything is Breaking News!  Major stories on every other news source are omitted completely if they don’t serve the story line.  Other stories are featured if they help the story line.  It’s a real wild scene.  It’s like watching an Ohio State Football pregame show on a Columbus TV station where Michigan is Isis.  CNN is biased.  Fox News is alternative facts.  On every major news source Flynn looking for immunity is an obvious sign this guy is in up to his neck and is looking for an out.  On Fox, it's "a smart legal play... just protocol... nothing significant" and then brushed off as a nonevent.  I suppose we'll see about that.

I had thought Carter Paige would have been the first to flip.  He looks like a squealer to me.  However, Flynn makes sense.  He is already on the hook for something and been cut loose from the inner circle.  I can see him now pacing back and forth in his dark wood paneled study saying "I'm not going to be the goddamn patsy in this thing!".  He is making a pragmatic move a military mind would make.  The real key to this thing is Paul Manafort.  That guy is a slick hustler with no moral compass.  By all appearances he sold out our nation's ideals so he could make some dough from some Russian thugs, and then even screwed the Russians over when his check was due.  My money is on him being the guy that put the Russians and Trump together so they could all make some dough.  Manafort does have balls of steel and will approach this like a poker game.  He will play all sides and look for a personal win.  As Paul Manafort goes, so does Trump.  These two will either spend the rest of their lives in jail as historical villains or sweep the whole business under the rug somehow.

No matter what channel you are watching this show on, it's a helluva show.  It's the only show worth watching right now.  I can't wait for today's episode.


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