Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Nurse the Hate: Hate Air Quotes

I heard a story once that Dennis Rodman told.  He was married to Carmen Electra at the time.  While he was making a personal appearance in Las Vegas apparently he met a very nice lady.  She was such a nice lady that he decided to have her come to his hotel room.  Unfortunately for Dennis, Carmen decided to surprise him with an unexpected visit.  When Carmen arrived at the suite she saw this strange woman in the bed.  “Dennis!  Who is that woman in the bed?”  What?  What woman?  “That woman right there!”  Her?  I don’t know.  I have never seen her before.  She must have fallen through the ceiling.

This would not appear to be the best or most logical explanation in what was certainly a very emotional situation.  However, you have to admire the moxy shown by Dennis as he tried to reject the very concepts of observation and logic as he tried to worm his way out of it.  I suppose Dennis figured that anything had to be better than the truth.  This sort of reminds me of the White House’s basic game plan to try and move past Trump’s wild accusations that Obama wiretapped him.  When the facts cannot support you, it is time to seek more creative tactics.

Yesterday Sean Spicer attempted to make this inflammatory situation go away by suggesting that since Trump during some of his wild ass tweet rants had used quotes, the entire situation could be vaguely washed away.  Thus, due to this simple use of poor punctuation, the very meaning of the statement was now open to extremely creative interpretation.  Since he said “wiretapped” instead of wiretapped, that could make the statement “Just found out President Obama “wiretapped” me during the sacred campaign process.  Bad (or sick) guy.” mean whatever you want it to mean.  It is the White House saying that this woman fell through the ceiling and they don’t know how she got there.  How the press corps did not fall down hysterically laughing is beyond me. 

When Kellyanne Conway gets trotted out, that means things are about to get absolutely surreal.  When she gets on a roll with that vacant smile on full blast, I wonder if even she knows where she is going.  She is like one of your high school friend’s Mom on acid trying to keep a line of logic together while the ceiling is melting into rainbow colored wax.  If you tossed her in tie dye into the middle of that Woodstock documentary and listened to her riff on the psychedelic chaos of that scene, it wouldn’t be that much different than what she said on the Monday morning news cycle.  It is so easy to get sidetracked with her, which appears to be her greatest gift.  Kellyanne will not let the facts get in the way of what she has to say.  She has no moral compass or soul.  She is hollow inside like a cheap Easter bunny.   

It is an absolutely undeniable fact that Trump said Obama wiretapped him.  Yet, Kellyanne Conway is now talking about what he meant was that by “wiretap”, Trump might have meant surveillance via Trump’s microwave oven or TV set.  Um, what?  The things she says are so stupendously outrageous that it is impossible for the media person not to rise and take the bait.  We are a couple months into this trainwreck of a presidential term and I am already numb to the idea that everything that comes out of the White House is not only a lie, it is not even clinging to a shred of possibility.  Two weeks after Trump making this direct statement, he has yet to directly comment on it, much less provide a shred of evidence.   The White House staff just keeps tossing out complete bullshit to see if anything sticks.  I have never seen anything like it.  These are mentally ill people that have been elected by fools.

I don’t know if this is going to blow over like the illegal vote lie.  It seems that whenever the gears of responsibility begin to turn on these shitbags, there is a new outrageous lie to attempt to corral.  One would think that a direct false statement made by the current president about another regarding him being engaged in illegal activity would have some consequence.  The idea that such lines of defense like (“if he did it, that’s bad!”  But there is no proof to suggest he did… “Yes but we should investigate!”  But there is nothing to investigate…) would ultimately be ineffective.  Or to say “when he said what he said he had reason to believe it, but we can’t tell you what that reason is because it is a secret” might not work.  Even “when he said “wiretap” he didn’t mean “wiretap”, he meant general surveillance.  You can’t take what the president says literally” appears to be laughable.  And it is laughable.  In a “laughing at you, not with you” way.


At March 14, 2017 at 3:21:00 PM EDT , Blogger AZ said...

Amen. Surreal was never intended to be used on something that not only has never existed, but could never had existed. Did not think we would encounter another theory, which makes no sense.

At March 14, 2017 at 8:02:00 PM EDT , Blogger Frank said...

Yipsneg ved stromink


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