Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nurse the Hate: Oh, That Clears That Up!

It was good to see that the Senate cleared up Jared Kushner’s potential Russian collusion on the election.  If he said he didn’t know anything about it, that’s good enough for me.  The one thing I know is that if you can’t trust a New York City real estate developer, who can you trust?  Now, some critics will point out that the Trump people have lied about… well, everything.  There is also that odd propensity to have selective amnesia about ever meeting with Russians.  “I have never been in contact with any Russians.  Except that one.  And that one.  And him.  And her.  But I never tried to influence the election.  That email sent to me said what?  Oh.  Well, I never read that email, so it doesn’t count.  And that meeting I attended where I thought I was going to get Russian intelligence doesn’t count, because we didn’t get anything.  How do you know I didn’t get anything?  Because I’m telling you now!  It’s not like I would lie about anything!”  Oh.  OK.  That settles that.  Whew! 

The fact that Jared Kushner is involved at all is mystifying.  He’s like the local car dealer’s kid that is always smiling smugly when his father buys him out of trouble. “Well, I realize young Jared might have done something wrong when he made those young boys eat dog shit out on the baseball field, but I’m sue we can put it past us when we christen the Kushner Baseball Complex complete with lights!”  Cue marching band with Jared smiling from behind his father while looking at the ten year olds he forced to bite down on that dried out dog turd.  Our country is so wildly out of control that no one even thinks to get freaked out by the fact that this dope is representing our interests despite having no specific qualifications.

Wrap your head around the idea that for the last 80 years our nation has sent various emissaries to try and cobble together peace in the Middle East.  Our current leader decided to jet Jared Haircut over there.  “He’s a good kid!  A smart kid!  He went to Dubai to golf once.  He can fix it!.”  Middle East Peace is a hopeless task that requires intricate knowledge of the cultures, people, and history of the region.  Our brightest minds, seeped in that knowledge and armed with great planning have failed.  These were people that prepared their whole lives for a chance to try and bring these factions together.  We sent him.  Somewhere his ex-lacrosse teammates from Discrimination Prep must have been saying “Dude…  Did you see they sent J-Man over to the Middle East?  Dude that was ripping bong hits on our couch is going to totally fix the Middle East and shit!”

Shockingly, it went poorly.

There are so many outrageous things going on at once, it's impossible to take them all in individually.  The Trump Administration spends all day, every day lying their ass off about everything.  If they say in a press conference that today's date is July 25th, I am going to assume it might be December 8th.  It has become so tiring and so incessant, it has become normal.  What I find really interesting is that six months ago when Trump took to Twitter so spread disinformation, most people in the population became alarmed.  These are clearly the ravings of a lunatic.  Even the Republican puppets that would drone on about "how this is a different kind of president" had that glint of fear in their eyes.  Now it has become so consistent that it doesn't even raise an eyebrow that today alone he suggested imprisoning a political rival, de-legitimized the free press, ranted at cutting health care coverage for millions of Americans with no replacement plan, and promoted one of his seemingly pointless Thousand Year Reich rallies in Youngstown.  People got used to it, which suggests to me that they will get used to anything.  We have not found rock bottom.

There are enough people in America that only consume the Right Wing propaganda news outlets that they now live on a different planet than reality.  It is impossible to even discuss issues with them, because their version of the world has had all the facts distorted.  Even better, they have also been told that the people trying to figure out what is really happening are lying, so no amount of proof will ever penetrate their world view.  I saw a poll where 87% of Trump Supporters do not believe Donald Jr. met with any Russians, this despite the fact that Donald Jr. told everyone he met with Russians.  How do you reason with that?  This is our new reality.

As we keep sliding towards national irrelevance and a new societal low, I keep wondering if the daily pressure on Trump will make him finally snap.  The Twitter feed does not suggest a man that is mentally healthy.  Even our finest presidents emerge from their terms looking aged and worn.  Obama looked like one of Miles Davis sidemen from "Birth of the Cool" when he went in office, and left looking like Danny Glover.  He was even a guy that had the education and temperament for the job.  Obama fought with Putin.  Trump fights with cable TV hosts.  It is not a good time in America, and we still have 3.5 years at the very least.  Our only hope is to see a bloated naked Trump briskly jogging down the White House lawn nude while screaming about Hillary, his TV ratings, and CNN.  It has to be something so bad that even that snake Mitch McConnell will have to admit, "OK.  He's crazy.  Let's get Baby Goebbels in there."   What's it going to take?

It's all bad.


At July 25, 2017 at 7:28:00 PM EDT , Blogger vfh159 said...

More likely careening in a golf cart. I doubt he could jog, briskly or no.

At July 25, 2017 at 10:21:00 PM EDT , Blogger Greg Miller said...

Yes but the mental image is much less effective without the jogging.


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