Friday, June 30, 2017

Nurse the Hate: Trump Twitter Fun

Whenever I think Trump can't surprise me, that crafty snake does it again.  It seems counter intuitive for the President of the United States to start a twitter war with a couple of cable tv hosts.  Usually the leader of the free world spars with heads of state and opposing political party leaders.  Trump instead leaps into the muck with two people that host a show that literally almost no one watches.  About 1% of the potential people that could be watching TV are watching MSNBC.  It's like if you went to see U2 and suddenly Bono starts talking shit about the Whiskey Daredevils, unloading especially viciously on Sugar while on stage.  While in the case of U2 making fun of us, undoubtedly because of some remark I made about Bono's lift shoes, it would still be crazy.  Yet that pales in comparison to Trump taking to Twitter to deal with, in essence, nothing from no one.  He's the president for Christ's sake!  

Trump supporters still puff out their chests and suggest Trump is fighting back valiantly against being wronged and all criticism of him is "fake news".  It's a shame there isn't a shred of validity to that argument.  As the president there is the expectation that in exchange for being able to be the most powerful person on the planet and being able to shape world events, you have to take shit from everybody.  That's the deal.  It always has been.  The president trots out his ideas and everyone takes potshots.  One of the key attributes for the job is a thick leathery skin.  Unfortunately, Trump is a total pussy.  

I don't recall George Bush Sr. going online and saying Morley Safer had skin like a torn softball or questioning Barbara Walters sexual appeal.  I will tell you this, no one would have seen it coming if he did.  "Barbara Walters is so big it is like tossing a watermelon in an Empty Garage.  SAD."  I dunno.  Bush Sr., seemed to have a better grasp of what the role of president required than Donald.  That's because George Sr. and even targets like Bill Clinton and George W. understood it was important to not act like children.  Teenagers at times, yes.  Children, no.

It's totally fucking crazy that this is even a real conversation.  The guy is indefensible.  If he had any grasp of any of the issues maybe you could do that thing people did with Prince.  "Yeah man, guy is off his fucking lid, but he's a genius.  Let's deal with the bullshit to see what amazing thing  he does next."  With Trump it's "oh fuck, he doesn't understand the issues so let's hope he doesn't do anything stupid".  I heard a great analogy.  The republicans initially looked at this next four years as a big steak with a small piece of shit on it.  They figured they could eat around it.  Now it has become apparent that it's a big piece of shit with a little morsel of steak, and the Republicans have decided "Well, we are already at the restaurant, so...."

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