Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nurse the Hate: Hate The Chiefs

As we wrap up what was clearly “The Worst Halloween Ever”, it is time to pick up the pieces and focus on wagering huge sums of money on mediocre professional and college football teams.  Tonight the NFL Network is hosting a truly awful contest between the Chiefs and Chargers, and with little else to do except watch the rain continue to add to your depression, I would suggest wagering heavily.  If you win, you’ll feel pretty happy for at least ten minutes and if you lose, you probably have lost almost everything to the last week anyway, so what’s another couple hundred bucks?   

The Chiefs have gone from winning the AFC West to historically bad in two years under the leadership of Romeo Crennel.  Romeo has received an incredible amount of mileage from his run as defensive coordinator under Belichek, and it’s time for all of us to embrace the fact that he shouldn’t be put in charge of a football team or probably anything else for that matter.  When he was the coach of the Browns, he consistently looked confused on the sideline.  Wait, “confused” isn’t the right word…  He had that look of someone that had crawled out of the wreckage of a house just destroyed by a tornado.  He also may have worn khakis with the largest waist size ever recorded.  Those are the two things that I remember best about The Romeo Crennel Era of failure on the Browns.  He seems like a nice guy.  So does Ryan Seacrest.  It’s just that neither of them can coach a football team. 

Then you have to look at Norv Turner, San Diego’s coach.  I read a great thing about Norv Turner last year.  He can take his and lose to yours, or he can take yours and lose to his.  Norv Turner has somehow managed to have complete postseason failure with a team made up of a variety of All-Pros and Hall of Famers.  Now that the “window has closed” so to speak, Turner is really showing what a crummy football coach can do with mediocre players. 

So let’s assume that neither team has a good game plan, motivation, or idea of how to win.  All I know is that early money flooded onto KC at 9.5 points, and that drove the line down to 7.  If everyone else is on the Chiefs, I’ll take San Diego -7.  KC hasn’t had a lead in a game all year.  Why would that happen tonight?  Plus both their awful QBs are nursing concussions.  Can that scenario beat a Norv Turner coached team?  Yes, probably, but I need something to keep my mind occupied and off of the soggy purgatory I am currently living in.  I'm on The Bolts.

Current record Vs Spread:  5-7   


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