Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nurse The Hate: Insanity and You!

The problem in dealing with people that are mentally ill is that these people themselves refuse to factor in their mental health problems into the situation.  How can you talk to someone about how fucked up they are acting if they don’t think they are acting fucked up?  It can be difficult to have a rational conversation about an issue with someone that can’t really understand the true nature of reality.  How do you work out a problem with someone that looks at an apple and sees an orange?  An astounding number of people I know look at situations and come to wildly inaccurate conclusions about things.  Look around you.  People are really fucked up.  They can’t hold jobs.  They can’t pay their bills.  They leap into situations without thinking anything through.  They make terrible decisions over and over and over, yet see no pattern emerge.  The reasons for the conflict and failure that surrounds them is always else’s fault. 

I am of the belief that the majority of the population is crazy to some extent. The same guy that agrees to have a baby with his wife he is on the verge of divorcing is also probably going to wager on the Texas/Oregon State game.  Why sure that baby will bring you closer together!  Go for it buddy!  The guy that tries to solve a problem with someone by giving them the silent treatment?  “Yeah, I was pissed about something, but rather than tell the person why I was pissed, I decided to not talk to them and let them try to guess what the problem was.  That hasn’t worked in my life yet, but it probably will this time!”  That guy is probably also trying to figure out the Cowboys/Redskins game tomorrow.   “Yeah, I just changed jobs again.  Those people are assholes at the old place, just like the ones at the place before that…”  The same guy that has no idea he himself is at the root of his problems is right now analyzing that Saints/Panthers game.

The key is to recognize that you cannot reason with or help these people.  They are a disaster now.  They will be a disaster tomorrow.  They have always been disasters, and will be ever thus.  No, we must profit from these people.  We must accept that whatever stupid ideas they have will most likely unfold right in front of our eyes and end in predictable fashion.  “Oh, you got divorced from that stripper you married?  I can’t believe it.  She seemed so stable…”  We must figure out what The Public thinks and go against it. 

When I hear that 70% of the population thinks New Orleans is going to beat Carolina by 4.5, I say “Hello opportunity!”.  Right now there must be dudes with neck tattoos clutching “Saints to win” tickets thinking about going to get themselves a Bud Platinum and maybe dumping their winnings into some new aftermarket crap for their truck.  The guys that spent their gas bill money on lottery tickets and pizza are all in on the Saints.  Let’s get on board Carolina +4.5 even though I can’t think of a rational reason why…

I keep hearing about how RG3 and the Redskins are a team of destiny on an unstoppable winning streak.  Dallas NEVER wins the big game.  This storyline, while somewhat accurate, fails to note that while Dallas is 1-7 ATS at home, they are 5-2 ATS away.  They are getting 3.5 playing a team that embarrassed them early on Thanksgiving, but yet allowed them to crawl back to within one score when everyone had changed the channel.  Dallas was down 28-3 and lost by seven.  That guy that has a new satellite dish and 65 inch TV while his roof is caving in?  He’s on Washington.  Me?  I’m on Dallas +3.5

Current Record Vs Spread:  13-13-1


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