Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Nurse the Hate: Hate The Campaign

The success of the Donald Trump campaign is fascinating.  Sure, you might not like it, but you have to admit it is interesting.  I have had a barrage of emails of late from friends of mine from overseas.  They are all trying to grasp the idea of how and why the American People could be enthusiastically working towards putting someone in the most powerful job on the planet with clearly evident deficiencies in what would be required to be successful on that job.  I certainly understand why they are upset.  For example, would you be excited if you were German and a wildly unpredictable egomaniac was poised to potentially take over the planet's most important economy and largest army?  I know I sure wouldn't.  I would imagine Germans have concerns about Russian tanks rolling through after Trump calls Putin "a pussy".  The difficulty is trying to explain this Trump phenomenon to a largely educated and rational thinking people like my German, Belgian, and French friends.

Most logical people would think that our citizens look at voting as serious business.  The president controls our national agenda, thus extending huge global influence, will likely appoint the next Supreme Court Justice to determine our social direction of being either permissive or rigid, and controls the most powerful army on the planet.  The stakes couldn't be higher.  Yet, the difficult thing to explain to these people overseas is the vast majority of American citizens are complete morons.  I am not saying "They don't read highbrow news websites".  I am saying "That fucking guy over there might be retarded.".  Go to a WalMart and look around.  Our country can't have a legitimate debate on how to handle global politics and economic reform because no one here has been anywhere but Disney World and buys everything rent-to-own.  If you buy a car based on $"199 a month for Forever Months" terms, chances are that there will be difficulty grasping how credit default swaps are coming back again with new wrapping paper.  You might not understand the subcultures of the Middle East and external influences on these when everything you watch on TV is animated.

Let me be clear.  I am not a "Hillary Supporter".  I do not "Feel the Bern".  I'm keeping my distance.  I challenge you to spend 20 minutes watching not just Trump supporters, but any candidate's supporters.  There is not a single voice of reason out there.  These people out on the campaigns are all fools.  Nobody has any idea of the incredibly complicated juggling act necessary to maintain our gradually slipping standard of living.  It's complicated and messy and filled with gray.  Trump understands one thing better than anyone.  Donald Trump understands the media.  He is black and white.  He changes on a dime.  He figured out that the issues don't matter.  The only thing that matters is to play a part that people want to see on TV.  He is a TV Star.  He gives absolutely fabulous soundbytes all day long.  Why?  Because he knows that's how you stay on TV.  And if you are on TV, you win The Contest.  America views the election not as a civic duty, but as an amazing Reality TV Show where they get to take part at the very end and crown a winner.  Hooray!  They just don't understand what they are going to win.  None of us do for that matter.  There's bad craziness in the air.

I was concerned about this situation briefly.  Then one day I was talking to a guy at a bar.  He knocked back his beer and said, "Hey, if we vote Trump in, that just means we want to go down.  And if we want to go down, we get what's coming to us.  That's what democracy is...".  That guy nailed it right on the head.  The bottom line is that there are ten times the amount of morons as there are people like you.  The Morons, the same ones that watch Cops, Real Housewives, The Kardashians, and listen to Kayne West, Nickleback and Florida Georgia Line...  Those are the ones that are going to decide who wins the big contest.  If I were you, I'd buckle up.  This ride is going to get a little bumpy.


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