Saturday, July 16, 2016

Nurse the Hate: Hate Pokeman Go

These are grim times.  Society has decided to fall apart completely, not just fray at the seams.  It’s like 1968 out there but with absolutely terrible music.  Years from now will they play a Taylor Swift song while showing grainy images of the Nice tragedy on the documentary “Fall of Democracy”?  It’s not good.  A Blackhawk helicopter flew low over my city scanning for radiation.  Gun toting kooks are coming in from all corners.  These people will be allowed to strut around town with rifles because of Ohio’s open carry law.  It should be noted that squirt guns are illegal in the RNC area.  Real guns are fine.  Donald Trump, a cross between Mussolini and Vince McMahon, is going to become president.  Meanwhile people are playing Pokeman.

I don’t really know what Pokeman is.  That’s because I’m not 11.  Let me give you a quick reality check.  Almost half of America has a smart phone.  This incredible device allows the user to literally access all the information on the planet.  Anything you want to know is available.  Anything.  You want to know about the root causes of radical Islam?  Chinese trade deficits?  Read a great novel?  Answer any question you can imagine?  You can.  Yet, this wonderous device is used by large portions of the public primarily to watch cat videos and play Pokeman.  These are the same people that are going to decide the person that sets the agenda for the Free World.  Check please…   

Life in America for my generation has been like being in the middle of a good run at a blackjack table.  It's a magical thing when it happens.  You can feel the momentum gather steam.  There is no stopping it when it gets going.  I remember winning four figures once on a sad Sunday morning in the Paris Casino sitting next to three hillbillies that were drinking Bud Lights betting $5 a hand sweating bullets.  I’m feeling the wave and stacking up black chips cool as a cucumber.  Then it’s over.  This is also unmistakable.  The swift change of fortune smells like the first whiff of autumn after a long glorious summer.  It sits in the air begging to be noticed.  You just have to pick your head up for a second.

It is an uncertain future.  A friend of mine told me two things yesterday.  One was “a far right government makes for great music”.  I nodded my head in agreement thinking about all the amazing bands that would launch just like they did in the Summer of Love.  It definitely sounds true until you remember that Nixon was president during the Golden Age of Prog Rock and soft California singer songwriters.  Hmm.  I don’t want to go through another age of James Taylor and Jethro Tull.  I was just a little boy when that happened the first time and I still break out in hives when I hear the opening chords of “Aqualung”.  I don’t have much optimism there.  I don’t think Justin Bieber is going to “drop” Sgt. Pepper Part 2 anytime soon.

The other was “sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing, especially if it’s something you really want”.  That sounds like zen shit talk.  At first I thought he was just all crushed out on medical grade marijuana and triple espressos, but then it made a certain sense.  While his advice was in regards to a specific area, it does sort of work generally.  You can’t control the run.  You can only be aware of it.  If people want to play Pokeman and shoot each other in the streets, that’s what is going to happen. If these same people want a reality show TV host to run the country, that’s what is going to happen.  All you can do is keep your nose to the wind and be ready for when things are going back your way. 


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