Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Nurse the Hate: Herr Trump

You remember when there was this glimmer of hope that Trump would rise to the challenge of the office and all those scary parts of his personality were chalked up to him pretending to be someone else for TV cameras?  It is sort of like how we used to have that argument about George W. being very intelligent in private, and even if he wasn’t, it was OK because he had “really smart people around him”.  Yeah.  That didn’t work out either.  Now we discover that there is no denying the fact that a Nazi/KKK sympathizer is in the office of president.  Way to “shake it up” America!

It’s really amazing what Trump did today.  I can’t think of any historical precedent in modern times.  I have no idea how someone in government doesn’t publicly come out against white supremacists.  Could there be any easier thing to do?  There is literally no one but David Duke that would be pissed off if you said, “Nazis are not good”.  Shit, even if you personally thought Nazis were swell, one would think that common sense would have you march to the podium and clearly say “Nazis are bad!”.  Not this guy.  Nope.  We now have a president that is making excuses for Nazis. 

Trump’s moral vacancy knows no limits.  Whenever you think you hit bottom with him, the submarine keeps dropping down.  The man is completely reprehensible.  Whatever Faustian bargain people have made for having him in charge, it’s too high a price.  There is no possible comeback here.  “Yeah but the stock market is going great!”  Fuck off.  He’s a Nazi.  “I like his tough talk on foreign relations!” Fuck off.  He is a KKK sympathizer.  “He is an outsider!”  Yeah he is.  He’s a racist creep that doesn’t seem to think there is anything wrong with Nazis marching with torches chanting anti-Jewish slogans in Virginia. 

I am sure by the time I wake up tomorrow the Goebbels Wing of Fox News will have already cooked up some slant for this total unprecedented presidential meltdown.  My gut tells me they will go for something along the lines of “Well, the newly coined term of Alt Left, which is meant to normalize the Nazi shit we have going on over here with what we call the Alt Right, really caused all the problems in Virginia just like President Trump said.  Look at the video!  President Trump is just protecting Free Speech and doesn’t really like what they stand for!  In fact, he condemned it on Sunday with that teleprompter speech he read emotionlessly!”

This is complete horseshit.  If you march around waving Nazi flags and talk about “Blood and Soil” and focusing hate on Jews/blacks, you’ve got an asskicking coming.  The entire planet fought those ideas in 1939-1945.  Those assholes showed up in town doing the two things they love.  1.  Playing army in their camo Army/Navy store gear while 2. Holding assault rifles via absurdly granted permits for carrying them in public places.  Those guys came looking for a fight and anyone engaged in that behavior is going to get one.  I am glad that someone stood up to them.  They are bullies and fools. 

Yet, Trump went out of his way to excuse the behavior of the white supremacy extremists.  It’s like when your grandfather is standing at a wedding reception with a couple whiskies in him and drops The N Word all over the place.  It’s out there now, and now you know sweet old Grandpa Jim is a fucking creep.  You can’t shut that Pandora’s Box.  That’s the deal with Trump now.  We can’t pretend we don’t know his real thoughts.  Grandpa melted down at the podium today and now we know he’s a racist and Nazi sympathizer.  Let’s all acknowledge all his dog whistle talk of “Us” and “Them” in the campaign for what is clearly was; racist jingles meant to signal to these fringe groups that he was on board with their message.  Let’s call it for what it is.  We have a white supremacist as president.  Donald Trump is the most dangerous man of our times.  He is here to divide us for his own personal gain.  He is unfit to serve this position.  He must be removed from office at all costs.  Forget ISIS, North Korea, Russia, etc…  Donald Trump is the biggest threat to America.  


At August 16, 2017 at 12:13:00 PM EDT , Blogger MrMFTF said...

It gets worse every day. Why can't we get some real intellectuals like Neil deGrasse Tyson as President with Bill Nye as the VP? A job so important demands the cream of the crop. They probably wouldn't want the job, but seriously, Trump? He's got to go and ASAP. I'm not a Pence fan, but he'd be way better than this. Obama was the best president we've had in quite a while. It's even more glaringly obvious now. He was calm, a great orator and a thinker and he included everybody in his thoughts. Kasich would be good going forward in my personal opinion.

At August 16, 2017 at 3:27:00 PM EDT , Blogger Greg Miller said...

A fun loving squirrel would be better in my opinion.

At August 25, 2017 at 6:03:00 PM EDT , Blogger AZ said...

Pretty much a 100% accuracy with this one. Devolution has continued at a staggering pace.


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