Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nurse the Hate: Hate the Cover Up

I have often been accused of being cold hearted. Now while I am without question not an outwardly warm human being, I do have a certain amount of empathy. However, when I watch the never ending footage of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and the nuclear power plant explosion, I can only think of one thing. Why did they edit out the footage of Rodan and/or Godzilla?

To suggest that this earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown is not the work of Rodan is laughable. Clearly the media has decided to edit out all Rodan footage to try and stave off the inevitable worldwide panic that would ensue. While this may be the “responsible” thing to do, is it really serving the public’s best interest? For example, if Godzilla and/or Ultra Man are coming to fight Rodan somewhere near Tokyo, I’d sure like to know. This would radically affect my evacuation plans if I’m a white medical mask wearing Japanese citizen. You ever see what happens to the little matchbox villages when those guys duke it out? Let’s just say I am glad I don’t own any rental properties out that way. While Godzilla may save the day, he also inflicts a shitload of collateral damage. Eh, it’s a glass half full or glass half empty thing I suppose…

I think we can all agree that this is the combination of natural disaster/man made crisis we have all been waiting for. Even as a young boy watching Ultra Man, I knew that this situation was completely unavoidable. All you ever have to do is watch the Godzilla movies of the late 60s and it is crystal clear. Anytime the Japanese people are enjoying a nice sunny day, it is only a matter of time before a prehistoric creature the size of a city will emerge from the depths of the Sea of Japan and haul out a can of whoop ass. The army will be assembled and fire off worthless ordinance towards the creature. Tanks will be swatted away like gnats. Jet planes will bounce harmlessly off Rodan. (The same thing happens every time, yet the armed forces always proceed with the exact same plan. Why?) At some point, when things look especially grim, Godzilla will arrive and fight the creature. Or maybe Ultra Man. I’m not sure who they need to call in on this one.

While Western journalists love to applaud themselves about how they serve the public trust, they have finally lost me. Their commitment to the truth is only a commitment of convenience and serving the whims of their corporate masters. The hours they have spent to photo shop out Rodan, Godzilla, and Ultra Man cannot be justified. This coverup will eventually be exposed by someone like Wiki Leaks, Weekly World News, or Grit. And when it is, let’s just say, I told you so.


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