Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Nurse the Hate: Letter #2 To Unresponsive Hilton GM


Alpay Kaya
Hilton Rockville

Mr. Kaya,

  I am following up on my voicemails and email from earlier this week.  As I understand it you are, or at least were, in Texas this week.  Perhaps you did not have the opportunity to seek out maintaining “The Hilton Guarantee” with myself or my associates, and instead spent that time fitting yourself with a new pair of cowboy boots or a replica Dallas Cowboy uniform.  Who’s to say?  Texas presents a myriad of shopping options for the excited traveler.

  If you had taken the time to review the documents I had enclosed to you, I think it is evident that the hotel in which you are in charge failed to execute even the basic idea of hospitality and service on our stay on Nov 17th.  As your industry is referred to as the “hospitality industry”, I would think you would be interested in making this right, but I am only speculating on the workings of the massive Hilton Corporation.  Most likely you are probably even at this instant preparing correspondence to me saying, “Greg, I cannot believe any rational human being would not have provided the four adults the two rooms you needed because of a computer systems upgrade on our end.  To think that we made the four of you cram into the one room even though we have plenty of available rooms, you had a confirmation for the two rooms, were Diamond Club members, and offered your physical credit card and vehicle keys as a deposit until the computer system was online in the morning makes not only my staff look bad but the entire Hilton Company.  Why, if any of my supervisors knew that I had ignored this situation for days on end, it certainly would not advance my standing in the Hilton pecking order.  Greg, I am going to use this as a teaching moment to my staff to show them how we treat our customers.  I am horribly embarrassed by the treatment you received and subsequent lack of response from our Customer Service Artificial Intelligence.  I believe in “doing unto others” so I am going to personally guarantee that you will be receiving two Hilton rooms and my deepest apologies for this entire fiasco.  This was our fault entirely.”  That’s what you are probably typing right now…  I can feel it…  And I can’t wait to get that email!

  Safe travels back from Texas.  If I could make a recommendation, I would not wear your new boots on the plane.  They will be uncomfortable until they are broken in, and getting them on and off at security will be a real hassle.  There is no way a TSA employee will want to hold the heel as you struggle out of a new boot.  They, unlike all of you good people at the Hilton Corporation, are not focused on customer service.

  Have a holiday season filled with happiness that envelopes you like a warm friendly hug.


Greg Miller

Also of note, I had received this email yesterday from Hilton...


Thank you for reaching out to the Hilton Worldwide Guest Assistance Department. Hilton Worldwide strives to offer the world's best customer service in every interaction. We would love to hear your thoughts on your experience with the Guest Assistance Specialist who assisted you in resolving a problem you recently had at one of our hotels.

We sincerely apologize for your recent stay experience and would like to ask a few questions about the service you received when contacting Hilton Worldwide's Guest Assistance Department. Your input is important to us and we would greatly appreciate your participation in a short follow-up survey.

To share your feedback in the follow-up survey, please click on the secure web address below.

We realize that every guest has a choice when traveling and appreciate you choosing Hilton Worldwide when you travel. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to regain your trust and for taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback.


Hilton Worldwide Guest Assistance Department

Hilton Worldwide Guest Assistance Department <>

Nov 27, 2018, 1:30 PM (17 hours ago)

to me


At November 28, 2018 at 4:52:00 PM EST , Blogger AZ said...

I believe we all should respond to this survey.


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