Sunday, November 25, 2018

Nurse the Hate: The Ongoing Hilton Situation and NFL Picks

On Saturday, November 24, 2018, <> wrote:
Dear Mr. Miller,
Thank you for your response.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for any aggravation or inconvenience experienced during your visit.

We are constantly monitoring the performance of all the hotels in the Hilton Portfolio of Brands and measuring them against high service and quality standards. Comments from our guests enable us to continually improve and exceed those standards. Please be confident that we will follow-up on the points you have outlined to avoid recurrence.

The time taken along with the effort made to share your comments with us is most appreciated. Feedback from our guests is vitally important in our mission to be the first choice of the world's travelers.

We want you as our guest and are hopeful that you will afford us the opportunity to provide lodging services in the future.

Thanks for your ongoing loyalty and understanding. If you have any questions, we want to speak to you personally. You can connect with us via Chat Click Here or email.
Best regards,

Marjorie P.
Corporate Guest Relations Specialist
Hilton Reservations and Customer Care



First off, let me thank you for the absolute bang up job you and all of the members of the Hilton Customer Service Team are doing.  Your absolute singular focus on staying within your strict training regimen is paying off in spades.  I cannot recall ever having the appearance of so much good will festooned upon me, and please allow me to note that I do not use the word “festoon” lightly.  That being said, we appear to have a problem.

In my earlier emails with Marven, Michael, Elna, Michelle, Romeo, Paul and Joeanna we had hashed out the basic idea that the Hilton Corporation was filled with regret and seeking to improve and exceed guest standards.  That could not be any more clear thanks to the handy form letter I continue to receive.  I feel the sincerity.  Between you and I, that is why I have decided to enroll in the hotel detective program there.  However, it appears that you might have essentially ignored all the preceding communication and in fact just cut and pasted a basic salutation.  Marjorie, that is no way to become a hotel detective or rise prominently in the ranks of the Hilton Corporation.  You need to seize the initiative, like your co worker Marven did, and attempt to resolve this situation once and for all.  

Marjorie, I care about your career.  I don’t want to see you slaving away at a computer terminal while I stride by confidently in my role as Hotel Detective.  You need to see that this door is open and all you need to do is walk through it.  It’s opportunity knocking my dear.  Will you answer the call?

To summarize, here’s where we stand.  I will accept either option.  Which will you choose?

Solution A:  You provide me with two (2) $138 gift cards to be redeemed at a Hilton property at a future date. 
Solution B:  You provide me with one (1) $138 gift card as reimbursement for our room that night and send to me in writing admission that Hilton (and Hilton alone) failed us as guests.  In this admission, I will have to insist the text includes a phrase like or at least similar to "Yeah, we totally screwed up and jammed you guys up that night.  It was our fault 100%.". 

I hope your holiday season is filled with an unlimited joy that bubbles over into a fountain of bliss.
Greg Miller
P.S.  I don't know about you, but I am taking NEW ENGLAND -9.5 against the Jets today.  The Jets are rolling out McCown again, and that never ends well.  If you recall, he just led the team to a 30 point loss against the Bills...  THE BILLS!  They were even at home!  Sweet Jesus, now the Jets are going to play a Patriots team coming off an embarassing loss to the Titans after a bye?  This is not what the Jets are looking for in a Sunday afternoon.  I am also going to take the RAIDERS +10.5, as I can't ever recall the Ravens beating anyone by more than 10 points in team history.  I won't watch that game as I suspect it will be an affront to God, but I am betting on it.  My season record isn't too good right now Marjorie.  It's only 8-8.  Maybe we turn it around this week, eh?  


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