Thursday, November 22, 2018

Nurse the Hate: So Where Are We On This Hilton Thing Now?

On Wednesday, November 21, 2018, <> wrote:
Dear Mr. Miller,
Thank you for getting back to us.

I apologize for the confusion and the inconvenience this has caused you. I do understand your frustration and it is my understanding that  two (2) $138 gift cards has been offered to you. Unfortunately, while our sincere intention is to resolve this matter to your satisfaction, we are unable to issue compensation that exceeds the cost of your stay. What I can provide is one (1) $150 gift card that can be used at any hotel or resort in the Hilton portfolio. Hoping for your kind consideration. 
Thanks for your ongoing loyalty and understanding. If you have any questions, we want to speak to you personally. You can connect with us via Chat Click Here or email.
Best regards,

Marven M.
Corporate Guest Relations Specialist
Hilton Reservations and Customer Care


Thank you for your prompt response.  It is good to see such initiative and a man willing to insert himself into uncertain waters.  Life rewards risk takers.  You’re a good man.  Let’s take a moment to assess the situation as it presents itself at this precise moment...

As per your email, you are telling me that Hilton has offered me the two (2) $138 gift cards at one point but has now withdrawn that offer.  While I cannot find a distinct record of that offer, I will take you at your word.  Marven, you swashbuckled your way into this situation like a man that shows no fear.  I respect that and I respect you Marven.  You are my kind of people.  However...  

I cannot help but note that you are saying the rationale for withdrawing the offer of the two cards is that you are “unable” to do so.  Marven, that is disingenuous.  As we both know, it’s not that Hilton is “unable” to fulfill this original offer, but rather they are “unwilling” to do so.  There is a huge difference.  For example, Hilton could in theory reward us the property deed to the entire Rockville property.  Granted, the stockholders would howl in protest, especially when we attempted to launch a Maryland “Mephisto’s” franchise.  Are you familiar with Mephisto’s?  It’s the only restaurant/fun center that boasts a steak house, bumper boats, sake bar, laser tag, wedding chapel and wood fired pizzas.  I have my reservations about our drummer Leo being able to effectively run this franchise, especially with the amount of weed he routinely smokes, but this is just an exercise in trying to make the point that Hilton can do whatever they feel is necessary to satisfy the aforementioned “Hilton Guarantee”.

I am going to need to insist on my last offer.  Either option will work for me.  To review:

Solution A:  You provide me with two (2) $138 gift cards to be redeemed at a Hilton property at a future date. 

Solution B:  You provide me with one (1) $138 gift card as reimbursement for our room that night and send to me in writing admission that Hilton (and Hilton alone) failed us as guests.  In this admission, I will have to insist the text includes a phrase like or at least similar to "Yeah, we totally screwed up and jammed you guys up that night.  It was our fault 100%.". 

I hate to be so stubborn about this, but I just don’t feel like anyone there is taking me seriously.  Help me out here Marven.

Have an amazing Thanksgiving filled with a cornucopia of joy.

Greg Miller

Greg Miller

Nov 21, 2018, 2:32 PM (17 hours ago)



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