Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nurse the Hate: Don't Hate the Locks!

There's a lot of action today, so let's not be afraid to get involved and lay it in real heavy. Despite my reservations with just getting on these favorites, I'm doing it anyway. Here's the way to go on Saturday... Southern Mississippi is one of those schools that flies under the radar. They've done real well on the road so far, and are 3-0 ATS in 2008. Let's take them -7.5 against a pretty sucky Marshall team. (This isn't your Randy Moss/Chad Pennington Marshall. This is your secondary school you wouldn't want to attend in Huntington WV Marshall)... I think BYU's offense might be unstoppable. Well, maybe not by the Baltimore Raven defense, but they're not playing the Baltimore Ravens. They're playing the Wyoming Cowboys. If BYU dropped 59 on UCLA, I think they can cover 28 against Wyoming. BYU is the play...I watched that Buffalo/Temple game last week, and Buffalo couldn't stop Temple at home when the game was on the line. How are they going to stop Missouri on the road? Lay the 32.5 and take an easy win...Why NBC renewed the contract for 20 Gazillion dollars to have exclusive rights to show Notre Dame football, I don't know. They allegedly get these blue chip recruits, but get the crap knocked out of them whenever they play a real team. The most interesting thing that happened so far this season was when that fat slug Charlie Weiss got his knee blown out last weekend by a player that got blocked into him when he wasn't paying attention. (In a press conference, his other knee said "thank you" as it will probably get a break from carting around that 58 inch waist band khaki load around for a few weeks. Hello golf cart!) Notre Dame beat Michigan last week. So what? Michigan sucks right now as they try to learn Rodriguez's schemes. Michigan State brings them back to earth this weekend and covers the 8.5 points...

A couple early plays I like in the pros...The Buffalo Bills cover the 9.5 at home over the Raiders. Oakland is what they call a "total fucking disaster". Despite a win last week on the road v KC, the coach expects to be fired any second. He'd know for sure, but allegedly he hasn't spoken to owner Al Davis in a few weeks. ON the field Fargas is hurt, and rookie Godsend Darren McFadden says he "might be 70%". Not good when future NFL #1 pick bust JaMarcus Russell threw for 78 yards last week in a win. The Bills are no joke, and will roll this Sunday at home...Tampa and Chicago will go over the 35 points. Everyone thinks about the glorious defensive struggles of Urlacher, Barber, Warren Sapp, Mike Singletary, Lee Roy Selmon, Dick Butkus, Red Grange, blah blah blah. In fact, both of these teams average over 20 points a game, and Tampa might actually have their QB situation stabilized now. I don't know (or especially care) who wins this game. I do know it goes over.


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