Friday, March 18, 2011

Nurse the Hate: Tournament Day 2 Locks

While a drunk guy in a plastic hat kept leaning into me, I clenched my fist with a "yes!" watching Temple win but failing to cover by a half point vs Penn State. The human wreckage and failed dreams of St Pat's all around me, I may have been the only truly happy soul at the bar. Well, for that brief moment at least. But let's not live in the past, shall we? Today will be a full day at the Quicken Loans Arena where Krusty and I will be attending all four games at center court.

So this morning your loser friends will be moaning about their brackets, failing to realize that NO ONE had Morehead State, when they should be concentrating on George Mason +1.5, Texas -10.5, Arizona -6, Marquette +2.5, North Carolina OVER 158.5, Illinois +2.5 and Washington -5.5. My heaviest plays of the day will be George Mason, as Villanova is in complete free fall once again at the worst time possible. Washington is rated as a damn good team by everyone but the betting public. Marquette might not be the best team from the Big East, but a pretty good team from the Big East will beat a team from a mid major conference. This might be too much action for you, but trust me, it will make the work day go by that much faster.

Current NCAA Tournament Record: 3-1


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