Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nurse the Hate: Hate the Super Bowl

It was with a heavy heart the I read the passing of Phillip Seymor Hoffman on the place I receive almost all of my entertainment news, The Facebook news feed.  I find it interesting that dozens of people feel compelled to post "Rest In Peace Phillip Seymor Hoffman" as if they have a personal relationship beyond his compelling work in "Twister".  I love how he fearlessly drove around in that camper with Bonnie Hunt too.  Maybe that is a way that people feel part of a bigger picture.  I will be honest.  Here was my reaction.  I said, "No way!  Phillip Seymor Hoffman died!  Must have been drugs...  Yep... It was drugs...".  It is hard to feel too badly for a guy that has been shooting heroin.  I don´t know too many people that said to themselves "Man, I bet messing around with heroin will be really fun and there won´t be any price to pay later for it.  I can´t think of anyone that has had a bad time with it.  Please pass some here for me Mr. Junkie Man!".  You dive in the deep end, you better know how to swim out.

In the 17 seconds it took me to recover from this Phillip Seymor Hoffman business, I focused on what really matters.  Who the hell is going to cover in this surprisingly non-compelling Super Bowl?  In theory I should be all jacked up to see Peyton Manning and the Rest Of His Denver Broncos take on the #1 ranked defense in the NFL (or so the NFL promos tell me).  Instead I find myself not caring all that much. Being a degenerate, I will of course gamble wildly and throw all caution to the wind in a game that appears to be a complete coin toss.  That is my sickness.

Today I like Denver for two distinct reasons.  1)  It appears that Denver will most likely score 24 points or more unless Manning gets hit in the neck and is forced to play the second half in a breath controlled wheelchair.  That should be enough to win as the Seattle offense is now focused on Lynch being some sort of ManBeast and needing to win the game on his own.  Russell Wilson looks like a second year QB, which is of course what he is, and that is not good on a stage this big.  2)  Denver suddenly has a defense.  They shut down New England, held San Diego at bay, and Seattle´s offense is nowhere near that class.  They have given up only 14 points a game since the weather turned cold and shitty.  I also have a hard time imagining Denver not scoring more than 14. 

So what have we decided today?  I think we can all agree on two things.  First, becoming a heroin addict means you might die alone in an apartment with a needle in your arm much younger than you had planned.  Second, Denver might win by more than two today, although I say that with less certainty than the heroin thing...

Denver -2  over 46.5, Tails, and the MVP thanking his teammates first in the Postgame


At February 3, 2014 at 3:05:00 PM EST , Blogger AZ said...

Agreed, just like the guys I do not know from Glee and the Fast and Furious movies. I do see that Phil had 50+ bags of heroin and other drugs in his place and was to meet his kids fairly soon. Gotta go see the kiddies, so let me do a little pick me up shot of Smack.

I think Phil saw his shadow and thought 6 more weeks of shooting H. Pathetic.


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