Sunday, February 1, 2015

Nurse the Hate: Hate The Super Bowl

Let's get this out of the way first. I have absolutely no idea which team is going to win today.  Neither do you or any of the so called "experts" that have been tasked with filling innumerable hours of pre game hype. This thing on paper looks razor thin.  Evil Empire East vs. Evil Empire West.

There are plenty of reasons to hate both teams.  New England is a franchise that blatantly tries to bend any rule out there to gain any edge possible.  Brady is a trash talking pretty boy.  They churn through players like a wheel and still win no matter who is wearing the jersey.  The attitude of the organization is that they are above the petty rules binding the rest of the teams, though they hide it through a thin veneer of corporate babble whenever they get caught.  Toss in the Boston area fan base and they are really easy to dislike.

Meanwhile Seattle has the same unlikeable fans, but they are people that have bought into their own hype as The 12th Man.  Gag.  The city of Seattle is all about drinking coffee in the mist and debating how to offer more benefits to the homeless that pop up out of every nook and cranny of downtown.  These people just got excited about the Seahawks when the Seahawks got good.  Let's see how much noise they make when the eventually return to their heritage as a 7-9 team.

I found it very off putting that after their miraculous victory over Green Bay almost every interview consisted of Seahawks angrily barking into microphones how they had been "disrespected" and "counted out".  Excuse me, but aren't you the defending Super Bowl champions?  Feel free to act like you deserved that and that you have been there before.  Maybe it's all that hippity hop music the kids are listening to nowadays that is filling their heads with the "respect" theme.

Only a madman would bet on this coin flip of a game, but as a licensed degenerate, I have no choice but to get something going.  It's the Super Bowl for God's Sake, the biggest caloric consumption day in America. Take that Thanksgiving!  I'm going to follow the axiom that defense wins championships and uneasily take Seattle on the money line.  I have little faith in this whatsoever, and am vaguely hoping this game will mirror the Tampa win over Oakland in that Super Bowl a decade or so ago.  Who the hell knows...



At February 11, 2015 at 6:28:00 PM EST , Blogger AZ said...

Amen, Amen, Amen! So the cheaters after going 0-2 without cheating got right back on their horse and won. Thankfully, Seattle has to live with the soul crushing, idoitic decision. If he were still alive Cobain would have ate his shotgun after that call. If nothing else we have 4****-2.


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