Saturday, November 5, 2016

Nurse the Hate: Sanity Found

When things begin to get chaotic and downright weird around you, the key is to hold onto the one anchor that will always be there for you no matter what. Some people foolishly decide to throw their lot in with other people who will only let them down. When the lifeboat is taking on water and the waves are picking up, your closest friend will pitch you off the boat to save his own miserable skin. He might feel badly as you bob up and down in the waves with sharks circling, but he won't let you in the boat if it puts him at risk. It's a sad truth in life. There is only one thing to count on. That is gambling wildly on NFL Football on a Sunday to provide sanity in an otherwise insane world.

I am betting on my favorite team, the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers generally don't win football games. They like to lose by 3 or 4. This means the general public thinks “the Chargers suck”. Having watched my unfair share of Chargers games, I can tell you the Chargers don't "suck", they “kinda suck”. Frankly, all you need to beat the Titans flying across the country to play you is to play “kinda sucky”. The Titans will give you all the “suck” you need. The Titans are an almost unwatchable football team.  If the Chargers had gotten a few breaks, they would be one of those teams that gets the “in the playoff picture” graphic. Instead they just get the chance to get a solid win at home vs. Tennessee. San Diego -5

I'm betting on the Vikings. Yes the Vikings look terrible right now. Yes the Vikings can't block anyone. Yes there is a very good chance that Sam Bradford will shatter into a million pieces of broken glass this week. It's OK. They are playing the Lions, who are very ready to look like the Lions in a “big game” situation. The Lions have been cruising along like they have real hopes and dreams. You can smell disappointment in the air. Here it comes Lion fans. The Vikings looked like buffoons last week. Pros that look like Buffoons tend to respond like champs the next week. With that thought, I am doing a wildly ill thought out teaser by taking another team that looked like buffoons and teasing them. Yes, you are reading this correctly. I am taking Cleveland +13.5/Minnesota +1.5. Dallas played a whole extra quarter last week and lost two defensive starters. With McCown at QB, Dallas having no discernible pass rush, and the chance the Browns offense might score, I think Cleveland hangs around before losing. Dallas might give Elliot 107 carries and grind clock. I don't think they win by two TDs. That's the great thing about teasers. It looks impossible to lose. This is why I am a sucker. Jump on board. Dangerous moves in dangerous times my friends. I'm all in!
Season Record:  15-5


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