Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nurse the Hate: Hate Comrade Trump

It is absolutely astounding to me that our elected president was apparently involved in colluding with Russian intelligence and we haven’t burned him and his crew at the stake.  Is this a bit Biblical or Puritanical?  Yes, but may I remind you that the Pilgrims were a bit uptight so that this might be the best course of action from a historical sense.  The ceremony could be held at Salem Massachusetts and televised, finally getting Trump his coveted #1 Neilson household rating.

This sort of reminds me of Watergate and Nixon, but it is more unreal.  I read a Dan Rather opinion piece where he remarked that this scenario couldn’t be drawn up as a Hollywood popcorn movie as it is too unbelievable to get a green light to produce.  I think that is the one thing that has saved Trump and Company so far in that it seems so totally crazy that normal citizens are all asking themselves “There’s no way that could be true, right?”.   Yet, it seems that it is what it looks like as most things usually turn out.  Whenever I have ever heard someone say “this isn’t what it looks like!” it is in fact 100% of the time always EXACTLY what it looks like.  I walked into a room to get my coat at a party and found my buddy’s sister naked on top of a bartender.  She quickly blurted out “this isn’t what it looks like!”.  It was.  It was EXACTLY what it looked like.

I am not sure as to why Trump is choosing to poke the bear that is the Intelligence Community.  The Intelligence Community is a business that specializes in finding out what you are up to and then can either allow you to weather a storm or bring down a massive thundercloud of shit on top of you.  Why Trump continues to suggest that these people are stupid and “un-American” is just about the worst tactic I could ever think of in this scenario.  If I were him I would bake up a nice Bundt cake and send it on over tomorrow.  While this would not completely heal the wounds of their fighting, a good Bundt cake can go a long way.  “Hey, he called us unpatriotic because we caught him working with one of our biggest adversaries buuuuuut… that Bundt cake was really moist and sort of fabulous.  Let’s not tell anyone about him colluding with Russian spies in the election.”

The other amazing thing is the still unwavering support from the ardent Trump supporters.  How anyone with a rational mind can look at this situation and not think something very fishy went on is beyond me.  On top of that the big time Trump honk loves telling you how much they love America because of how American they are while they are being American in America.  It can’t be easy for them to pretend they are suddenly chummy with Russia.  If the names in this story had been switched out to “Clinton”, I know a dozen people that would have spontaneously combusted in pure rage.  Why they are shucking and jiving through this with Trump is baffling.  Trump isn’t even Republican.  He’s a cheap used car salesman.  It’s been very interesting to watch these poor saps try to figure out how to spin this in a way that makes it OK.  The fact that any sitting Congressman or Senator isn’t demanding a complete “what the fuck is going on here?” investigation should make them immediately dismissed from their post as they clearly aren’t acting in the country’s best interests.  This story is completely insane. 

I saw a former intelligence officer today noted that a senior intelligence community friend emailed him saying “He (Trump) will die in jail”.  That’s probably not good to have being said about you from a bunch of guys in trench coats.  Buckle up.  This is going to get good.  Somebody get the nuclear football away from the douche at Trump’s country club.  We are going to need that back.   


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