Saturday, August 26, 2017

Nurse the Hate: Hate Mayweather v McGregor

Everyone seems very excited about this Mayweather v McGregor fight tonight.  I am not sure why as it is the most transparent con job in Pay Per View history, and that's saying something in the filthy world of boxing.  This is the biggest scam cash grab I have ever seen, and makes made-for-television events like "Temptation Island" and "Opening Al Capone's Vault" seem high brow in comparison.  Very few fights are ever "locks", but this is about as close as you will ever come.  It is absolutely amazing to me that the odds areas low for Mayweather as 1-5.  I cannot stress enough the money making opportunity this represents.

Let's look at a few facts.  Floyd has never lost a professional fight.  In Mayweather's last fight he was a 30-1 favorite over Andre Berto, a two time welterweight world champion.  He barely broke a sweat in a 12 round unanimous decision.  Berto had spent his entire life in boxing and had ascended to the very top of the sport.  This is the first time McGregor will ever step into a boxing ring.  Ever.  Yet the hype machine around MMA and McGregor himself has somehow conned the public into thinking he has "a puncher's chance".  To review, a professional boxer with a lifetime of fights was 30-1.  Colin McGregor, in his first attempt at boxing is 5-1.

Floyd is the best fighter of his generation.  That's not opinion, it's just the way that it is.  He is an amazing technical boxer.  As far as I know he hasn't been hurt in a fight in a decade.  McGregor won't hit Floyd.  Floyd's technique and quickness are on another planet than McGregor, even at 40.  Boxing is what the Mayweathers do.  Floyd's father and uncle spent their adult lives hitting dudes and not getting hit by dudes.  Then they taught a world class athlete everything they knew.  Voila!  Floyd Mayweather is 49-0 with a savvy combination of great talent and avoiding potentially dangerous opponents.   

The only real question is if Floyd will put on a clinic and jab McGregor mercilessly for 12 rounds, or if he decides to land of flurry of body punches early to make a point.  Floyd prefers not to get hit, so my thinking is that he will jab and move in an extremely boring display of boxing technique.  If Mayweather decides that the honor of boxing has been questioned, he might destroy the man.  I have read a number of boxing forums where professionals are questioning the safety of this being sanctioned.  Pro boxers and trainers are worried Floyd could kill the man.  An MMA fighter was just killed months ago fighting a boxer that could be best called a journeyman.  This is Floyd Mayweather.  It is inconceivable that this is even a contested fight.

The only other concern is the conspiracy theory.  It's true that Floyd likes money more than anything.  However, he is very aware of his legacy being directly connected with being undefeated.  If Floyd loses this fight he goes from "Boxer of his generation" to "The guy that hung around too long and got beat by a dude that wasn't even a boxer".  There is no way that Floyd gives that legacy away when you combine the purse he is already receiving.  This fight is more WWE than MMA, so the carny wild card aspect is out there.  Still, this seems like a one and done cash grab for Floyd where tomorrow morning we all sit and wonder how the hell we could have even discussed a guy that has never boxed beating 49-0 Floyd Mayweather.

The reports from Vegas are bets made on McGregor are a zillion $100 bets made by working stiff guys.  Meanwhile all the pros came out of the shadows at the end of the week when the odds dipped to 1-5 and dropped $1 million+ sized bets on Floyd Mayweather.  Who are you betting with?  The guys that are the loudmouths at the bar or the guy that is going to sit ringside on comp tickets with the hope he drops that $250,000 profit on Week 1 of the NFL back to the sportsbook?  I'm with those guys and on Floyd.  It's the easiest 20% profit you'll make all year.   (Or the biggest stunning loss you will refer to the rest of your life!  We'll see in a few hours.)


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