Monday, September 14, 2009

Nurse the Hate: Hate the NFL Week One

I don't want to take away what clearly is the only good thing going on in this fella's life, but it might be time for him to tone it down a bit. Maybe diversify his enthusiasm into other things. Things like going to the gym. And things like a new haircut.

Week one of the NFL is when dreams die hard. Sunday around 5pm I was downtown in Cleveland watching shellshocked Browns fans wander away from the carnage of yet another home opening loss. It was nice to sit at an outdoor cafe sipping a cool drink watching people in Ghosts of Quarterbacks Past jerseys limp past. (Couch, Garcia, Frye, and Quinn being the most popular.) I felt like a much more highly evolved life form as I mentally counted my windfall betting against the home team yet again.

Once again I would like to stress how much more enjoyable it is to have no emotional investment in local sports. Watching the Browns with a cold calculating eye and wagering on their inevitable downfall is much more fun than putting a rubber dog mask and bleeding out in the Muny Lot after every loss.


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