Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nurse the Hate: Hate the Government Shutdown

The government shutdown has proven to all American citizens that the government representatives that they elected could not care less about actually serving the people.  I had always had the inkling that these officials didn’t give a shit, but I never expected to have it demonstrated so blatantly.  I think all of us have the understanding that each of these Congressmen are Lying Shitbags.  It is the way the system is rigged.  I think we all have a basic agreement on the bargain we have made for our current Democracy.  It goes like this:  The Lying Shitbag says whatever necessary to get into the job, and then as payback for the unpleasantness of the campaign trail, they get to make a ton of money by abusing the public trust and scoring on insider real estate and stock deals.  Along the way, they try to look out for the best interests of the people that elected them assuming that those interests coincide with the financial interests of the money behind their campaigns.  That’s about right, isn’t it?

Somewhere along the line, our country has now morphed into having two “teams”.  Many people I know on social media are very excited to root for their “team”, whether that is Democrat or Republican.  These superfans believe it is very important to point out the shortcomings of the other team on social media posts.  Obama is actually an Al Queda operative.  John Boehner is working to steal children’s souls.  The key with these posts is to never offer any solutions under any circumstances, but only point out that any compromise on even a minor point of the other team is a foolhardy show of weakness.  I think that these political superfans have failed to realize that none of their political heroes gives a shit about any of them beyond having their vote so they can keep suckling from the teat of the land. As the snake slithers on the ground, the Lying Shitbag steals from the land.  It is in both of their respective natures.

The current “leadership” that has been elected to Congress is ineffective.  No matter which team you root for, it is hard to debate that.  This group of people cannot work together to accomplish anything.  Each and every one of them needs to be swept clean and forced to return to an actual job like the rest of us.  How can most of these people hope to solve real life problems when in most cases they don’t have any real life experience in doing anything of substance?  It’s our own fault for putting these idiots in a position where they can’t hope to succeed.  They are all in over their heads.  They need to be removed.

While some sort of coup would be exciting, I feel that my call to action will end with me in an orange jumpsuit on a tropical island rooming with a bearded man named Asaad.  There’s no way he’d let me nap on his prayer rug, even if I rolled it up when I was done. A hard-line Islamic extremist would be a shitty roommate.  It would be no picnic. Even if Guantanamo gets Direct TV, I doubt my captors will allow me to watch NFL Sunday Ticket.  Those guys are probably total dicks in that way.  I’m out of energy for that kind of uprising anyway.  Frankly, I’m too detached from the whole thing to take to the streets with a pitchfork.  Somebody should do something though...

The Public should be marching on Washington and demanding answers from these dopes, but let’s be realistic.  There’s just too much on the Internet to get people out of the house and asking questions from their elected officials.  If you start down the rabbit hole of youtube, forget it.  Man, the other night I started watching a Jack Kerouac interview at 8pm and the next thing I knew the sun was coming up.  Who’s got time for a Revolution when there's an endless supply of video clips of guys getting hit in the nuts while skateboarding?  Times have changed.  You know why people got all worked up in the 60s?  They only had three TV channels.  Well, three channels and PBS, but who has time to watch Rick Steves shake you down for money in a fundraiser every couple months?  If we only had three channels and could only watch NCIS or The Bachelor, I’ll bet we could get some action going on Washington.  Eh, what are you going to do?   

There’s a lot of noise going on about this thing.  There’s a lot of finger pointing.  It’s all an attempt to get people like us to not focus on whose fault it is…  Every single one of those Lying Shitbags.  If my Direct TV goes out and I get some free time, those fuckers in Congress are all in really big trouble.  If not, can someone send me an email and let me know when both sides have claimed victory, not actually solved anything, and gotten back to stealing our tax money?       


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